How do you attach a jib to a halyard?

Slack the jib halyard (check for figure-8 knot, then uncleat and leave loose). Climb onto the foredeck and reach the jib halyard from the spinnaker ring. Attach the jib halyard to the jib-head eye. Lightly re-tension the halyard and cleat it (enough to keep halyard from fouling).

How do you tie a halyard to a sail?

Compact knot to join halyard to a shackle at top of a sail. Pass the tail through the shackle and then twice around the standing end. Pass the end through the loop beside the shackle and pull very tight. Trim and heat-seal the end close to the knot.

What is the jib halyard?

In sailing, a halyard or halliard is a line (rope) that is used to hoist a ladder, sail, flag or yard. The term halyard comes from the phrase “to haul yards”. Halyards, like most other parts of the running rigging, were classically made of natural fibre like manila or hemp.

What is the history of the Hobie 16?

Hobie 16 Owners Manual In 1950, Hobie’s dream was born in his parents’ garage when he decided to apply his love of woodworking to the sport of surfing. Dad backed out the Buick…

How do you right a Hobie Cat boat?

Righting your Hobie Cat If you tip the boat over, in order to avoid the mast from sinking under the hull, one of the crew must rapidly climb on the hull that remains on the water. In the meantime, the other crew uncleat all the lines and sheets.

Should I adjusr the rake for my rudder blades on the Hobie?

Now, for the first time, you may readily, and easily, adjusr the rake for your rudder blades on the Hobie 14 and 16. The amount of rake in a rudder lade affects the “feel” at the tiller.

How do you attach a halyard to a bridle wire?

Attach the main halyard rope to the black cleat and then thread it through the shackle of the halyard cable and secure it back to the black cleat. 6. Attach the opposite ends of the bridle wire to the shackle on the bottom of the forestay adjuster.