How do you combo with Shaco?

Juke opponents with R1 then use R2 to send your clone far away out of vision. Q then place your W near your enemy and while still stealthed break the tether with your clone to teleport it back to you, then AA before your stealth runs out. Continue to AA then E to execute.

What Lane is Shaco best in?

What Lane Is Shaco? Due to the lane phase of this pick, it is commonly played in the Jungle position.

How do you control Shaco clone?

Alternative Method of Control If you right click while holding down alt, it gives move/attack commands to “pets” like Tibbers or the Shaco clone, rather than your champion. I can confirm that this method of control is not affected by silence.

How do you control shaco clone?

Is Shaco late game?

Once a champion who was focused on dominating the early game and shutting down the enemy jungler, with his new lethality build Shaco actually scales very well into the late game. He has the fourth-best win rate among junglers in games lasting over 40 minutes because of how good he is at getting picks and split pushing.

How old is Shaco?

Have you ever wondered how old Amumu was? How about how much Alistar weighs?

Champion Age Weight
Shaco 10-15 years old 125 lbs / 56 kg
Shen 28-29 years old 160 lbs / 72.6kg
Shyvana 25-30 years old 140 lbs / 63.5kg (human form) 1500 lbs / 680.4kg (dragon form)
Singed 136 years old 140 lbs / 63.5kg

What are Shaco’s basic attacks in League of Legends?

Do you like this video? Shaco is a champion in League of Legends. Innate: Shaco’s basic attacks deal 20 − 35 (based on level) (+ 15% bonus AD) bonus physical damage when striking an enemy from behind. Deceive and Two-Shiv Poison also have additional effects when they strike an enemy from behind.

When did Shaco come out in League of Legends?

Shaco is the oldest, entering League on Oct. 10, 2009. And since then, he hasn’t received much attention, especially in regard to the lore and his connections with other champions. Orianna and Leona were released on June 1, 2011, and July 13, 2011, respectively, and will be receiving better visual clarity and cleaner hitboxes.

What are the new effects of Shaco’s new abilities?

New Effect: Passive slows minion and monster attack speed by 20 / 22. 5 / 25 / 27. 5 / 30%. New Effect: Shaco can see his clone’s remaining duration. New Effect: Clone spawns facing in a random direction.

What does cinematic mean in League of Legends?

A cinematic is another word for a movie or film, typical of the style in which these movies are made. This page encompasses all the cinematic videos for the League of Legends IP that have been released since its inception.