How do you get AzureSubscription?

Obtain Azure Subscription ID

  1. Log in to the Microsoft Azure portal.
  2. In the left-hand menu, click All Services.
  3. In the General section, click Subscriptions.
  4. Copy the Subscription ID for the applicable subscription.

How do I get Azure subscription ID in PowerShell?

Azure Cloud Shell – Azure PowerShell Open Cloud Shell directly form the Azure Portal, or go to (logon with your cloud credentials). To list the subscription ID, subscription name, and tenant ID for all subscriptions that the logged-on account can access, use the Get-AzSubscription cmdlet.

How do I connect to AzAccount in PowerShell?

Open the PowerShell console. Run Add-AzAccount or Connect-AzAccount or Login-AzAccount command. After the successful authentication validation, it will direct you to the PowerShell console. To see the profile file details, you can run the ls -lrt command to view the time and other details of JSON.

What is connect-AzAccount?

Description. The Connect-AzAccount cmdlet connects to Azure with an authenticated account for use with cmdlets from the Az PowerShell modules. You can use this authenticated account only with Azure Resource Manager requests.

How do I get a Tenantid in Azure?

Find tenant ID through the Azure portal

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. Then, scroll down to the Tenant ID field. Your tenant ID will be in the box.

What is a subscription ID?

Subscription ID. A subscription ID, also known as a payment token, which you can store on your server, is a unique identifier that cannot be reverse-engineered. It replaces sensitive payment card and billing information.

How do I find my PowerShell Subscription ID?

Description. The Get-AzSubscription cmdlet gets the subscription ID, subscription name, and home tenant for subscriptions that the current account can access.

Where is the Azure subscription ID?

Find your Azure subscription Sign in to the Azure portal. Under the Azure services heading, select Subscriptions. If you don’t see Subscriptions here, use the search box to find it. Find the Subscription ID for the subscription shown in the second column.

How do I get Azure tenant ID?

How do I access Azure from PowerShell?

To sign in interactively, use the Connect-AzAccount cmdlet. Beginning with Az PowerShell module version 5.0. 0, this cmdlet presents an interactive browser based login prompt by default.

How do I get a tenant ID?

How do I get my Azure credentials?

You need to follow these steps to get Azure credentials required to make API calls

  1. Create an application in Azure Active directory.
  2. Get the subscription ID.
  3. Get the tenant ID.
  4. Get the client ID.
  5. Get the client secret.
  6. Generate Management certificates.

How do I get the subscription name of an azure subscription?

The command first gets the subscription and then uses the dot method to get the SubscriptionName property of the subscription. This command returns a list with the name and certificate of the current subscription. It uses a Get-AzureSubscription command to get the current subscription.

What subscriptions does get-azuresubscription get by default?

By default, Get-AzureSubscription gets all subscriptions in your Azure accounts. To designate a subscription as “default,” use the Default parameter of the Select-AzureSubscription cmdlet. Returns quota information for the subscription, in addition to the standard settings.

What does the get-azsubscription cmdlet get?

The Get-AzSubscription cmdlet gets the subscription ID, subscription name, and home tenant for subscriptions that the current account can access.

How do I run get-azuresubscription from the PowerShell module?

Before you run Get-AzureSubscription, you must run the Add-AzureAccount cmdlet or the cmdlets that download and install a publish settings file ( Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile, Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile. This topic describes the cmdlet in the 0.8.10 version of the Microsoft Azure PowerShell module.