How do you get the 8 ball on Imessage?

Once you are in the conversation view, locate the app bar present on the top of your keyboard and scroll it sideways. Then, tap on the ‘GamePigeon’ icon to reveal the list of games. Next, click to choose the ‘8 Ball’ option from the grid present on your screen.

Do you hit the 8-ball in pool?

You can only hit the 8-ball as part of a combination shot at this point during the game. If you make a direct strike on the 8-ball, you lose your turn and any pocketed balls remain pocketed. Your opponent can continue to play on the open table at this point.

How do I put the 8-ball on my Iphone?

Open a Conversation, and tap on the App Store icon. Search for ‘8 Ball Pool’ on the Store game and install it. After the game is installed, it will be added among other apps on the app bar in iMessage. Scroll to the right on the bar to find it, and then tap to open it.

What is the goal of 8-ball?

Eight Ball is a Billiard game played with a total of 15 object balls numbered 1 through 15. The goal of each player is to pocket all of his or her group of object balls 1 through 7 (or 9 through 15) and win the game.

How do you place an 8 ball pool?


  1. The 8 ball must be in the center of the rack (the second ball in the three-balls-wide row).
  2. The first ball must be placed at the apex position (front of the rack and so the center of that ball is directly over the table’s foot spot ).
  3. The two corner balls must be a stripe and a solid.

Can a Mac play 8 Ball?

Download & Play 8 Ball Pool on PC & Mac (Emulator)

Is hitting the 8-ball first a scratch?

In the official rules, if you scratch when you are shooting for the 8 ball, your turn is over and your opponent gets the ball in hand. If however, you make the 8 ball in a pocket and then scratch you lose the game.

What is 8 ball billiards classic?

8 Ball Billiards Classic is an engaging pool game. Play it here on in your browser, for free. 8 Ball Billiards Classic has been played by 446,991 people and has been rated 8.6 / 10 by 1,499 people. The game is powered by HTML5 technology to work in modern browsers.

Is billiards easy to play?

Whichever mode you play, the controls are easy and the billiards gameplay is realistic. The standard rules of billiards apply and you must try and pot the balls in color sequence. No matter what level of skill you are, everyone can enjoy this game and have fun trying to pot as many balls as possible!

How do I play 8 ball pool?

8 Ball Pool is a single player pool game against AI opponents with three difficulty options. Drag left mouse button backward to adjust power, release to hit.

Can you play solo on 8 ball billiards?

You can play solo against AI or challenge other players in two-player mode. The game is easy for anyone to start playing, so pick up a cue and line up your first shot. 8-Ball Billiards is an intuitive billiards game where you have to pot all of the striped or spotted balls.