How do you highlight color in HTML?

The HTML tag is used to create a text highlight so that you can distinguish important text in your document. The default highlight color is yellow with black text. When you want to change the default style of the highlight, you can add a CSS rule that changes the background-color property.

How do you add a red color in HTML?

HTML | color Attribute

  1. color_name: It sets the text color by using color name. For example: “red”.
  2. hex_number: It sets the text color by using color hex code. For example: “#0000ff”.
  3. rgb_number: It sets the text color by using rgb code. For example: “rgb(0, 153, 0)”.

How do I make text red?

Hexadecimal color codes go from 00 to DD. For example, #FF0000 would be red and #40E0D0 would be turquoise. Hexadecimal color codes are used in HTML for everything from text to backgrounds.

What’s the color code for red?


Name #RRGGBB (Hex Code) R,G,B (Decimal code)
crimson #DC143C (220,20,60)
red #FF0000 (255,0,0)
tomato #FF6347 (255,99,71)
coral #FF7F50 (255,127,80)

How do I make text italic and red in HTML?

How to Italicize Text in HTML. To italicize the text in HTML, use either the em tag or the i (italics) tag. Both of these tags will italicize the text, but the em tag additionally indicates that the text has stress emphasis when read. You can also italicize text with the CSS font-style property set to “italic.”

How do you highlight text in html5?

To highlight text

  1. Type .
  2. Type the word or words to which you want to call attention.
  3. Type .

How do I change the highlight color in HTML CSS?

The Basics. It’s pretty simple. To change the color of the highlighted-text, simply target the ::selection selector and then define the color of the background property.

What is the HTML tag for font color?

HTML tag
The HTML tag defines the font size, color and face of text in the HTML document. Since this tag was removed in HTML5, it is recommended that you use CSS properties such as font, font-family, font-size and color to format the text in the document. This tag is also commonly referred to as the element.