How do you make a dotted underline in CSS?

Change the underline to dots with the border-bottom style property a { text-decoration: none; border-bottom:1px dotted; }. Change the underline color by typing a { text-decoration: none; border-bottom:1px solid red; }.

How do I style a text-decoration in CSS?

The text-decoration-style property sets the style of the text decoration (like solid, wavy, dotted, dashed, double)….Definition and Usage.

Default value: solid
Version: CSS3
JavaScript syntax:”wavy” Try it

How do you underline a dotted text?

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  1. Open your document.
  2. Highlight the text.
  3. Click the arrow next to the underline button.
  4. Click the dotted underline.

How do you make a dotted text in HTML?

“make the long text dotted in html” Code Answer’s

  1. . cut-text {
  2. text-overflow: ellipsis;
  3. overflow: hidden;
  4. white-space: nowrap;
  5. }

What is the underline tag in HTML?

: The Unarticulated Annotation (Underline) element. The HTML element represents a span of inline text which should be rendered in a way that indicates that it has a non-textual annotation. This is rendered by default as a simple solid underline, but may be altered using CSS.

What does text-decoration do in CSS?

The text-decoration CSS property is used to set the text formatting to underline, overline, line-through or blink. underline and overline decorations are positioned under the text, line-through over it.

How do you make a dotted underline in Google Docs?

How do you insert a dotted line in Google Docs?

  1. To insert a dotted line in Google Docs, first open the document you want to work on.
  2. Then, click on the “Insert” tab and select the “Drawing” option.
  3. From there, you’ll be able to choose between a variety of different shapes to insert into your document.

How do I change the underline width in CSS?

You cannot modify the width of underline tag. Instead go for Border-bottom approach and change it’s properties as required.