How do you pick up a moshling?

To do so, you must move the bugs inside of the skull and then slide the key out through it’s eye. Click the key to pick it up and drag it over to the door.

Can you still collect Moshi Monsters?

Closure. On the 13th of November 2019, Mind Candy announced that Moshi Monsters would be closing down on 13 December, 2019 due to the end of support for Adobe Flash Player. On 13 December 2019, the game’s servers had shut down as planned, and the website has been defunct ever since.

How do you get Moshi Monsters?

Players could also collect Moshlings, pets, which could be obtained by planting suitable seeds in your Moshling Garden in specific combinations as to attract them, by playing missions, through hatching Moshling eggs, or by purchasing special Moshi Monsters merchandise that comes with unique codes.

How do you add Moshlings to the zoo?

You must have the Moshling type’s room open and upgraded in your zoo, which means spending some Rox in Bjorn’s Konstruction on all the houses and upgrades before you can find all the Moshlings.

How do I get Lady Goo Goo?

Lady GooGoo was born in Nappy Valley, but if you want to find her these days you’ll need to listen out for her boo-hoo-ing in the hills overlooking Electro Lullaby Lake.

What is the rarest moshling?

What’s the rarest Moshi Monster? Furnando’s figure is the rarest collectible figure in the series, as only 5001 were made.

Can you play Moshi Monsters on iPhone?

Moshi Monsters Village, which uses the instantly recognisable city-building structure and gameplay mechanics, can now be installed on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in additional markets.

Can I play Moshi Monsters on my iPad?

Google Play, Android and Kindle versions of the game will be available from February. Please note – Moshi Monsters™ Village is a new game for all age groups. More mobile products will be available from Mind Candy soon.