How do you tag in Saints Row 2?

There are 75 Tagging locations in Saints Row, and 50 locations in Saints Row 2. In both games, Tagging is started by standing in front of the Gang tag, and pressing the Action button when prompted. In Saints Row, tagging locations are marked with a small Spray Can logo in front of a large Gang Tag.

Where is technically legal in Saints Row 2?

Located in the Suburbs District right next to the Foreign Power car dealership, Technically Legal has a variety of strippers.

How many Hitmans are there in Saints Row 2?

There are 24 Hitman targets.

Where is the hospital in Saints Row 2?

There are two different buildings bearing the name “Stilwater Memorial Hospital”. One is located on the north island, in Adept Way, the other is located on the south island, in Ezpata. In Saints Row 2, the Ezpata hospital is known as “Sangre Sedienta Hospital”.

How many chop shops are in Saints Row 2?

5 Chop Shop lists
Saint’s Row 2 Chop Shop Guide There are 5 Chop Shop lists in Stilwater, you are best off to activate them early on, so in case you stumble upon one, you can bring it in to get it out of the way. Here are the lists and the shops you need to bring them to. Walk up to the activity to receive a call and the lists.

Where do I tag in the barrio district?


  • Inside a house under construction.
  • On the North side of the church of cheese.
  • On the East side of the large estate house.
  • Behind the garage of the house at the cemetary.
  • On the wall of the convenience store.
  • On the south wall hidden between some bushes of a building.

Where is the Heron Hotel in Saints Row 2?

the Hotels & Marina District
Overview. This hotel is located in the Hotels & Marina District, northwest from Poseidon’s Palace. It has 10 floors, not counting the roof.

Where is the pirate ship restaurant in Saints Row 2?

Stilwater Boardwalk
Overview. This ship is docked in a harbour in the Stilwater Boardwalk neighborhood. It is a restaurant, and multiple Civilians spawn there.

Can you smoke in Saints Row?

Overview. There are a large variety of ways to “die” in the Saints Row series; from being run over, to being beaten up, or shot at, set on fire, caught in an explosion or falling from a substantial height. Being “smoked”, as the game calls it, is basically a temporary Game Over.