How do you write a vocal repertoire list?

Use traditional fonts. You may use several columns when organizing your categories and subcategories. Keep your list up to date with repertoire that applies to your general skill level. Do NOT list things that you have only sightread or are not ready to perform.

What should be included in a repertoire list?

Depending on what is asked in the requirements for the repertoire list, the following can also be included: Method books studied. Excerpts studied….Always include these specific kinds of works:

  • Vocalists: Opera roles. Musical roles.
  • Instrumentalists: Sonatas/ solo works with piano. Unaccompanied works.
  • Conductors: Operas.

How do I make a song repertoire?

How to Build Up Your Repertoire of Songs

  1. Identify a genre and style.
  2. Make an exciting and realistic list of songs to learn.
  3. Create a timeline to learn each song.
  4. Practice often and practice smart.
  5. Write often.
  6. Actively refresh and rehearse your repertoire.

How many songs should you have in your repertoire?

For this goal, you’ve got to have a solid two or three songs in your repertoire that you can play perfectly. You should feel confident playing them. So – you might want to spend some extra time on the songs you want to perform. Raise the bar for yourself and your playing.

What is a solo repertoire?

Solo Repertoire contains 22 original pieces from impressionism to pop ballads, romantic tone poems to crisp marches and boogie. Students will progress through increasingly difficult music correlated with Levels 1 and 2 of the Older Beginner Piano Library. Recommended for easy teaching in group or individual lessons.

What is an audition repertoire?

Generally speaking, compositions that appear on state Solo & Ensemble contest lists are considered acceptable examples of appropriate audition repertoire. Vocal Performance. Students should prepare two songs of contrasting style, one preferably in a foreign language. At least one of the songs should be memorized.

What is a song repertoire?

countable noun [usually singular] A performer’s repertoire is all the plays or pieces of music that he or she has learned and can perform.

What is a repertoire folder?

répertoire, le ~ (m) directory, the ~ Noun. ‐ An information source that contains data about users, computer files, or other objects.

How many songs should you learn at once?

You should try a few songs in each level that interest you. I like to try all the songs because it consolidates my skills. You really only need to memorize and be able to perform five songs for beginner. If you want to get the most out of beginner, try lots of songs and focus your effort on five quite different songs.

What does solo repertoire mean?

It means a list of pieces of music or plays. That means that much more solo music has been written for the violin than for the viola. A theatre company may have a “repertoire”. That means all the plays that they regularly perform.

What are contrasting pieces of music?

In music and musical form, contrast is the difference between parts or different instrument sounds. The three types of contrast are rhythmic contrast, melodic contrast, and harmonic contrast. Procedures of contrast include stratification, juxtaposition, and interpolation.