How far is Rio Park Benidorm from the beach?

Hotel Rio Park is set in a quiet area of central Benidorm, just 5 minutes’ walk from Levante Beach.

What was the name of the hotel in Benidorm?

Hotel Sol Pelicanos and Ocas
For many who have watched the TV comedy programme, Benidorm over the years, staying at the twin Hotel Sol Pelicanos and Ocas, will be rich in novelty value. The resort, which is just minutes from the beach, is effectively two hotels in one, with double the benefits – restaurants, snack and pool bars all come in pairs.

How far is New Town from Old Benidorm?

6 answers. Hi, the new town is just 3 minutes, the distance to the strip. The old town could be 25-35 minutes, through a nice walk by the sea.

How long is Levante beach in Benidorm?

Length: 2,084 metres. Average Width: 55 metres. Maximum width: 75 metres. Minimum width: 20 metres.

How long is Poniente beach in Benidorm?

3 kilometres
Poniente beach of Benidorm Measuring more than 3 kilometres in length, with a delightful and refurbished promenade, it is the perfect place for a stroll along the shoreline on the Costa Blanca.

Does Rio Park in Benidorm do all inclusive?

just received next summers brochure and RIO PARK is H/B, with a all/inclusive option of £12 a day.

What hotel is the Solana?

Is the Solana Hotel featured on Benidorm real? The Solana is the hotel featured in the show where the characters stay. However, although the hotel featured is a REAL hotel, it is not called the Solana – and there are two of them. The hotel is actually called Sol Pelícanos Ocas and it is a twin hotel where you CAN stay.

What is Neptune’s bar called in Benidorm?

Morgan’s Tavern
Morgan’s Tavern is where they film ITV series Benidorm which is famously know as Neptune’s. Lovely bar with great entertainment!

What’s the difference between Benidorm Old Town and New Town?

The Old Town has a more laid back vibe with lots of authentic Spanish tapas bars, cafes & wine bars as opposed to the more English orientated New Town with its cabaret bars, fry ups & Sticky Vicky. Part of the beauty of Benidorm is that it holds something for ALL tastes.

What is the beach called in Old Town Benidorm?

Poniente Beach and Malpas Beach are the two shorelines close to the Benidorm Old Town. Poniente Beach is a peaceful shoreline which amazing golden sand is making it incredible for families.