How much are solid wood beams?

Real Wood Beams start at under $20 per foot.

What can I do with an old barn beam?

Barn beams can be used to create shelves for those nooks or corners with unique angles. A single barn beam can be cut into segments to create unique accent shelves that give your home decor a rustic, farmhouse aesthetic.

How thick are wooden beams?

Structural joists and planks are 2-inches to 4-inches thick and 6-inches wide. Beams and stringers are at least 5-inches wide and 2-inches thick. Posts and timbers are usually 5-inch x 5-inch boards. Appearance framing lumber is 2-inches wide and 1-inch thick.

How much are large beams?

LVL beams cost on average $3 to $12 per linear foot for the material or $50 to $200 per foot installed. LVL beams are more cost-effective and durable than regular wood beams. LVL beams are fire-resistant, shrink-proof, and easy to install, especially in long spans.

What can I do with old oak beams?

How to Restore an Oak Beam: Get Your Beams Beaming

  1. Step One – Sanding. Start by getting rid of the old finish.
  2. Step Two – Stain. Most oak beams are finished with an oil stain.
  3. Step Three – Top Coat. Back in the day, beams would be finished with either varnish or shellac.

How old are hand hewn beams?

But generally experts date hand-hewn beam construction to the 1100’s in Europe, and in North America from the early 1600’s into the mid 1800’s, extending even to modern time by some craftspeople and timber framers.

What are reclaimed wood beams?

Wooden barns and stables were once the foundations of America’s agrarian society, built with care and supported by strong wooden beams. Today, those reclaimed wood beams gain new life as rustic timbers for your home, deck or patio, giving your home a timeless yet functional aesthetic.

What is a decorative wood beam made of?

Each decorative wood beam is made of Douglas fir, and can be finished or stained to suit your individual project. However, unlike solid wood beams, faux wood beams are hollow which make them light-weight, easy to install, extremely versatile and cost-effective.

What are old barn beams used for?

These old wooden barn beams were commonly used as support structures in barns and wooden buildings. All of these timber beams feature authentic cuts, mortises and notches from the early beam-and-post framing technique.

Why choose solid hand-hewn beams?

Our solid hand-hewn beams, which we specially select for their quality and appearance, can become a thing of beauty for the interior or exterior of your home. Whether you choose oak beams or another type of wood, you can use them for a rustic fireplace mantel, as wooden ceiling beams, or together with reclaimed wood planks for your deck or patio.