How much does a Mini Rex rabbit cost?

From their purpose as pets, therapy rabbits, and their recent adoption as show animals, they are no surprise that they are sold for soaring prices. Characterized by their various colors and luxurious and fancy fur, the prices for this bunny can start from $10-50.

How much do bunnies cost in Arizona?

The price is 95$ per rabbit.

Can I have a bunny in Arizona?

Finally, domestic rabbits do not do well in the hot Arizona weather. Domestic rabbits are happiest indoors in a safe, climate-controlled habitat where they have plenty of interaction with family members. Another common misconception is that rabbits don’t require a lot of space or play time.

How long do Mini Rex Bunnies live?

5 to 6 years
The average lifespan of a rex rabbit is 5 to 6 years.

How do rabbits keep cool in Arizona?

Place a cold, damp towel over a fan directed at your rabbit’s pen. As the water evaporates it will help keep your rabbit cool. Air flow is critical. Have a fan that is circulating the air.

Do Mini Rex rabbits smell?

Do Rex Rabbits Smell? Rabbits are very clean creatures. Their fur shouldn’t smell and they usually spend their days grooming themselves. They also have two kinds of poop: the dry type doesn’t smell, and the softer one you shouldn’t see because they eat it right away!

What are facts about Mini Rex rabbits?

Mini Rex Rabbit Breed History/Origin. The Rex fur gene in rabbits was first discovered in 1900s France.

  • Overall Description. The Mini Rex might be the pet that finally proves once and for all that size doesn’t matter.
  • Coat.
  • Colors.
  • Care Requirements.
  • Health.
  • Temperament/Behavior.
  • Is raising Mini Rex rabbits profitable?

    Raising pet rabbits is rarely profitable and I can’t sell mini rex around here so I got rid of them all. Everyone wants small lops or netherland dwarf. I get lots of requests for netherlands. They pay for my rabbit feed but I definitely don’t make any profit because I have to sell below the pet stores restricting me to about $20 a rabbit.

    How much to feed my Mini Rex rabbit?

    Unlimited access to hay;

  • Fresh food: leafy vegetables,non-leafy vegetables and a little amount of very high fiber fruit (optional);
  • A small amount of proper and good quality commercial rabbit mix or pellets.
  • What is the life span of a Mini Rex?

    The typical lifespan of a Mini Rex is 9-10 years (captivity). The Mini Rex is a domestic breed of rabbits of a small size and are miniature version of the Rex Rabbit as their name implies. They have extremely dense fur that stands upright. Their fur color ranges from black to chocolate, or opal. It was bred in 1984 in Florida in the United States.