How much does Brightcove Video Cloud cost?

Pricing Information

Units Description 12 MONTHS
Video Cloud A video platform that reaches every screen with ease. $12,000
Brightcove Beacon Video Cloud SaaS for Web, iOS, Android. SVOD, AuthVOD, Silver Package $50,000
Enterprise Video Suite VideoCloud, Live Essential, Analytics, Gallery, SSO, Unlimited Videos $108,000

Who are Brightcove competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to Brightcove Video Marketing Suite

  • Vidyard.
  • Office 365 Video.
  • VBrick Rev Video Management Platform.
  • Panopto video content management system (VCMS)
  • Kaltura Video Platform.
  • Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Qumu Cloud.
  • MediaPlatform Webcaster.

Does Brightcove use AWS?

AWS Overview Brightcove uses Amazon Web Services in connection with Brightcove Beacon, which provides customers the ability to deliver OTT video experiences to global audiences. AWS processing (EC2.

How do I download videos from Brightcove?

Downloading videos using the Social module

  1. Open Brightcove Social.
  2. Click Videos in the left navigation. A list of videos in your Video Cloud account will display.
  3. Click on the video to download and then click Download.
  4. Copy the video URL or click the link to open the video in your browser.
  5. Click Done .

How do I download a video from Brightcove?

Steps to Download Brightcove Video Chrome:

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search for “Stream Video Downloader” extension.
  2. Add the extension to the Chrome toolbar.
  3. Playback the Brightcove video and it will be detected by the Chrome extension.
  4. Select one of the qualities and click on the “Download” button.

How big is Brightcove?

Brightcove’s current market capitalization is $285 m.

Which video platform is best?

The 10 Best Video Platforms of 2021

  • YouTube.
  • Panopto.
  • Brightcove.
  • Vimeo.
  • IBM Watson Media.
  • Kaltura.
  • JW Player.
  • Qumu.

What is the biggest online video platform?

The most popular video hosting website is YouTube, 2 billion active until October 2020 and the most extensive catalog of online videos. There are some countries in the world which place restrictions on YouTube, so some of these respective countries have their own regional video sharing websites.