How much does it cost to park car at DTW?

Visitors can call Detroit Metro Airport’s 24-hour parking hotline (800) 642-1978 for up-to-the-minute parking statuses….Long Term Parking.

Time Rate
2 hours to 3 hours $12.00
3 hours to 4 hours $16.00
4 hours to 24 hours $18.00
24 Hour Max: $18.00

How much is parking at DTW Delta terminal?

*McNamara Parking Deck (all Delta flights, plus Air France and Virgin Atlantic): The long-term parking daily rate is $22. *Big Blue Deck (all other flights; the deck is directly opposite the North Terminal): Long-term parking daily rate is $12. Green Lots 1 and 2: Daily rate is $10.

Can I leave my car at Detroit Airport?

The Detroit Airport provides both Hourly and Daily Parking areas near the terminals. The McNamara Parking Deck is located right next to the McNamara Terminal, and the Big Blue Parking Deck is located right next to the North Terminal.

Where is McNamara long-term parking?

Long-term parking is available in the Big Blue Deck, and Yellow and Green Lots. Short-term parking is also available in the Big Blue Deck located across the street from the North Terminal.

Can I leave my car at Detroit airport?

What is the best long term parking at DTW?

My top picks for long-term parking are the Big Blue Deck, Park n Go and the Green Lot, but each lot has its loyal customers. If you are familiar with one parking lot, use that one for holiday travel. Call to check availability before heading out. Here are the latest rates and details of Metro Airport parking.

Where is long term parking at DTW?

Long-Term DTW Parking There are four options for long-term parking at Detroit Airport: the McNamara Daily Parking Garage, the Big Blue Deck Daily Parking Garage, Green Lot 1, and Green Lot 2. Green Lot 1 is located east of the Big Blue Deck and Green Lot 2 is located northeast of Green Lot 1.

How much does long term parking cost at DTW?

There are four on-airport parking lots designated for long term parking at DTW. These are the McNamara Long-Term Parking Lot, Big Blue Deck Long Term Parking Lot, and Green Lots 1 & 2. The cost of parking in the Detroit Airport long term parking lots ranges from $26-$14. This price is subject to change, so be sure to check the airport’s official website before planning your parking costs.

What is the cheapest airport parking?

• Choose an airport wisely. Though the average airport parking fee is $21 per day, some airports charge as much as $60 per day. If the airport from which you are flying is too expensive, consider checking nearby smaller airports for better parking deals. • Follow airport social media platforms to get discounts.

What is the average cost for airport car parking?

Various parking options exist to meet your needs. The Economy Lot is $9 per day, Park & Walk Lot is $14 per day, Terminal Garage is $20 per day, and Valet is $27 per day. For short-term parking needs when picking up a loved one, the Terminal Garage is $2 per half hour.

How much is long term parking at the airport?

Long-Term Parking Long-Term Parking is a good value at $15/day and offers 2225 convenient parking spaces. To access Long Term Parking, just follow the Long Term signs to your left when you come to airport and take the first left exit past the GTC. The Long Term parking entrance is then straight ahead. Maximum parking duration allowed is 30 days.