How much is a purebred Norwich Terrier?

The purebred Norwich Terrier price varies from $1,500 to $4,000. You may be able to save literally thousands of dollars by adopting or rescuing a dog. However, before you plan to do any of these things, check out the Norwich Terrier temperament first.

Are Norwich Terriers rare?

The Norwich Terrier is a rare breed, and puppies can be a challenge to find. While they are generally a healthy breed, they have relatively small litters — only two or three puppies on average – and often need Caesarian sections to give birth.

Does a Norwich Terrier shed?

The Norwich coat is short, harsh, wiry and straight. The breed has a definite undercoat. This dog sheds twice a year and requires brushing and combing twice a week. The color can be red, wheaten, black and tan, black and gray, or red and white mixed in a grizzled pattern.

What is the most expensive dog breed?

The Tibetan Mastiff
The Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog breed to own. It has an exorbitant average purchase price of $2,500. Known as a great watchdog, the Tibetan Mastiff has an average grooming cost of $70 per professional visit.

Are Norfolk terriers good pets?

The Norfolk is good with children, and makes a good family pet. He is best suited to families with children age 10 and older because they’re less likely to accidentally step on or hurt him, due to his small size.

How big do Norwich terriers get?

10 inches
The Norwich terrier is one of the smallest of the working terriers, weighing 11 to 12 pounds. The height is ideally 10 inches at the shoulder. The body is long and the head is fox-like. A Norwich generally matures at one year, with full size attained between 6 and 8 months.

How do you tell the difference between a Norfolk terrier and a Norwich terrier?

Perhaps the most obvious is difference in ears. Norwich Terriers have prick ears — upright, pointy ones that make them look a bit like foxes. Norfolk Terriers have drop ears, featuring the classic soft foldover of the ears.