How much preparation is required for IIFT?

A 1 month study plan can only work if a candidate is already preparing for other exams and just requires revision of topics or practising question papers to adjust themselves to IIFT exam. However, for every other candidate, at least 3 month study plan is recommended.

Is calculator given in IIFT?

Is a calculator allowed in IIFT exam? No.

Can I crack IIFT in 2 months?

With just over 2 months left for IIFT 2020, aspirants must be working hard to ace the examination in the first attempt….IIFT 2020 Strategy for Logical Reasoning (LR)

Name of the Subject Logical Reasoning (LR)
Seventh Day, i.e. Sunday Take Practice Test for One Complete Topic

Is IIFT easy to crack?

Similarly, the quant questions of IIFT often turn out to be more difficult than CAT or XAT. So, you need exam specific preparation strategy to score well in the IIFT exam. To prepare for IIFT exam, one should devote about six to nine months. However, one can also prepare for it in lesser time if they plan well.

Does GK marks count in IIFT?

The weightage of the GK section in IIFT test is not fixed and in the past, has varied from 13-14 marks out of 118 total marks. Even though the weightage for GK is less, however, each and every mark counts in this exam. Thus, it is advisable that you do not take this section lightly.

How many questions should I attempt in IIFT?

An attempt of about 20 to 22 questions including RC with 80-85% accuracy in about 35 minutes would be considered a good attempt. Out of the 30 questions in the section, 16 questions were on Data Interpretation (Four sets with four questions each) and 14 questions were on Logical Reasoning.

Is 1 month enough for IIFT?

The candidates should finish the syllabus, one month before the IIFT 2022 exam. By now candidates should have learnt all the tricks and short cuts of mathematical calculations, solving DI puzzles and cracking RC passages. In the last 30 days, the focus should be on improving speed and accuracy of solving the questions.

Can I prepare for IIFT in 3 months?

If you start IIFT 2022 preparation now, you will have about 3 months to prepare until the exam day. Divide these 90 days into phases. Know how to prepare for IIFT 2022 in three months….IIFT exam preparation phases.

IIFT exam preparation phases Month Number of days
Phase 3: Revision Mid-November to December 5 15 days