Is Apple going to discontinue the 27-inch iMac?

Apple discontinued the 27-inch iMac when it launched the Mac Studio and 5K Studio Display, but reports that came out earlier this year suggested that a replacement was in the works. According to 9to5Mac, though, Apple currently has no plans to release an all-in-one iMac bigger than 24 inches in the near future.

What year is 3rd generation iMac?

3rd generation: Unibody iMac In October 2009, a 16:9 aspect ratio screen was introduced in 21.5″ and 27″ models, replacing the 20″ and 24″ 16:10 aspect ratio screens of the previous generation.

What is a tapered edge iMac?

“Tapered Edge” Aluminum iMac FAQ These models have a sharp tapered edge around the display rather than flat sides and are sometimes called the iMac “Slim” models. Later models with higher resolution displays sometimes are called the iMac “Retina” or iMac “4K” or “5K” models.

Is there a new 27-inch iMac coming?

On the other hand, 9to5Mac sources say that Apple won’t launch a 27-inch iMac replacement in the near future: Sources told 9to5Mac that Apple currently has no plans to release a larger-screen iMac in the near future.

Is it worth buying a 2011 iMac?

The 2011 iMacs are a popular choice for those looking for a used iMac with all the trimmings. 2011 saw a lot of improvements to the iMac, while still retaining a high degree of expandability making them a good candidate for customization.

What year is the iMac 27?

On October 16, 2014, a new version of the 27-inch (69 cm) iMac was announced, whose main feature is a “Retina 5K” display at a resolution of 5120 × 2880 pixels. The new model also includes a new processor, graphics chip, and I/O, along with several new storage options.

When did the slim iMac come out?

October 2012 saw the iMac get seriously slimmed down. With a screen now 5mm thick at its thinnest point, the new Slim Unibody iMac weighed about 12.5lbs even with its 21.5 and 27-inch screen sizes. Internal changes were also afoot.

What are the new features of the 27 inch iMac?

The ultimate desktop now features much faster performance, SSDs across the line, an even more stunning Retina 5K display, and higher quality camera, speakers, and mics The new 27-inch iMac is the most powerful and capable iMac ever. Cupertino, California — Apple today announced a major update to its 27-inch iMac.

Is the Apple iMac 27 out of date?

When the Apple iMac 27 was updated in early 2020, it included 10th-generation Intel Core processors and AMD Radeon 5000-series graphics cards. Now that there have been two CPU generations and one GPU generation after those components were initially released, Apple’s high-end all-in-one PC is a tad out of date.

What is the T2 chip on the 27-inch iMac?

And the T2 chip also checks that software loaded during the boot process has not been tampered with, giving the 27-inch iMac, and any Mac with the T2 chip, the most secure storage and boot process of any computer. The 27-inch iMac now includes superfast SSDs across the line with four times the storage capacity.

What happened to the Intel iMac?

Minutes after Apple’s Peek Performance event wrapped, the last of the Intel iMacs disappeared from its online store. It’s not as if this news is surprising. Ever since Apple announced it was switching to its own chips, the Intel iMac’s days were numbered.