Is CFMOTO good brand?

CFMoto does make good quality UTVs. They are a Chinese manufacturer and they break the mold of terribly made products coming from China. They keep up with their competition and are growing in popularity. CFMoto UTVs are built tough and their power and ability keep up with top name brands in North America.

What size is a CFMOTO z6?


Engine Type Single cylinder, 4 Valves, 4 Stroke
Length x Width x Height 2,630 x 1,320 x 1,800 mm
Wheelbase 1,960 mm
Seat height 350 mm(from footrest)
Ground clearance 240 mm

Are CFMOTO dependable?

CFMOTO Quality and Reliability In 1984, the manufacturer began marketing its cars in Canada. Their reliability and quality left much to be desired. However, over the years, their products have improved, and today Hyundai ranks among the top 10 most reliable manufacturers, according to J.D. Power.

What brand engine does CFMOTO use?

What engine does CFMoto use? 02 NK Concept model, designed in Italy and powered by the 990 version (actually, 999cc) of KTM’s 75-degree V-twin LC8 engine, which will be exclusively manufactured in China from 2020 onwards to power an all-new range of models carrying the CFMoto name.

What does the CF stand for in Cfmoto?

CFMoto Power Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Chunfeng – meaning “gentle breeze,” – Holding Group (hence CF), an engineering company founded in 1989 by 24-year old Lai Guogui to make components for the growing powered two-wheeler industry.

Who owns CFMOTO?

CFMOTO and KTM’s partnership Since 2018, the CFMOTO/KTM partnership is calledCFMOTO KTMR2R, a joint venture of which CFMOTO has 51% ownership.

Is CFMoto a Chinese company?

From our beginnings in Hangzhou, China, to dealerships in a total of 72 countries, CFMOTO has taken the world by storm, transforming into one of the top global ATV brands in the industry.

Does CFMoto make KTM engines?

CFMOTO 1250-class motorcycles The engine is based on the KTM LC8 V-twin that first appeared in the RC8 superbike.

How long is Polaris warranty?

Your Polaris ATV comes with a six-month factory warranty with unlimited miles. This warranty covers components of your vehicle against defects in material or workmanship. It covers parts and labor charges for repair or replacement of defective parts and begins on the date of purchase by the original retail purchaser.