Is Franchi as good as Benelli?

The franchi is a clone to the benelli m2 field. With the shim kits that come with both shotguns fit the gun to the user has never been more versatile. I personally would go with the franchi, both guns will get the job done. But the franchi to me feels like a better fit for me.

Are Franchi shotguns any good?

It’s no secret that Franchi’s superbly reliable, Italian-made Affinity semi-auto shotgun is one of the best values in upland and waterfowl guns, but the Affinity’s aesthetics have remained largely unchanged throughout the gun’s ten-year lifespan.

Are Franchi shotguns made by Benelli?

Franchi manufactures over and under, and semi-automatic shotguns….Franchi (firearms)

Type Firearms manufacturer
Products Shotguns, rifles
Parent Benelli

What’s the difference between Franchi and Benelli?

The main internal difference between a Benelli and a Franchi inertia gun is that the Franchis have the return spring on the magazine tube where it is easy to inspect and clean, while Benellis have their spring in the stock.

Which shotgun is better Benelli or Beretta?

Bottom line: If you shoot only clay targets, definitely pick the Beretta 391 over any Benelli. If you were only interested in field shooting, one of the Benellis is a good choice if you like the feel of the gun better than the Beretta.

Are Franchi semi auto shotguns good?

The Franchi Affinity 3 is a reliable Italian-made shotgun for applications from big game to small at a very competitive price. Semi-automatics on a website with a reputation for ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting, blasphemy!

Where is Franchi manufactured?

When you think of gun manufacturers from the 19th century, you’ll probably come up with American legends like Smith & Wesson, Remington, and Browning; but you may as well look to Italy. Besides for being home to the oldest continually operating weapons producer – Beretta – Italy is also home to Franchi Firearms.

Is Franchi a gas operated?

The Inertia Driven system employed in the Franchi Affinity 3 and 3.5, affords these shotguns a lighter, slimmer profile for better handling. With no heavy gas cylinder under the forend, Franchi Inertia Driven shotguns balance and swing like a fine gun should.

What chokes does Franchi take?


  • .[MOBIL] 12 gauge Featherlite Competition Choke Tube used for Beretta MOBIL/Benelli STANDARD.
  • .[MOBIL] 12 gauge Waterfowl/Hunting Choke Tube used for Beretta MOBIL/Benelli STANDARD.
  • .[CRIO+] 12 gauge Featherlite Competition Choke Tube used for Benelli CRIO+

How big is the barrel on a Franchi Alcione 12 ga?

This is the Franchi Alcione 12 GA over / under shotgun with a 26″ barrel. The gun has a 2 3/4″ chamber and fixed chokes, Top is Full, bottom is Mod. Receiver is wrapped with engraved scroll …Click for more info

Is the Franchi Spas 12 a pump action shotgun?

NEW THIS WEEK! Guns Listing ID: 369444 The Franchi SPAS 12 is an iconic semi-automatic shotgun that can also be used as a pump-action to cycle low pressure ammunition. It was originally named the Special Purpose Au …Click for more info

What kind of shotgun is a Franchi?

The Franchi was front heavy, which can be a plus for swinging through long-distance targets. At the patterning range, the Franchi produced a 60-40 pattern with light loads and, like the other test shotguns, dropped to 40-60 with the steel shot.

Should you buy the franchi or Remington Stoeger?

Acknowledging that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, each of the models has its good points and bad points based on appearance. Some shooters prefer the wood and metal look of the Franchi and Remington, while others favor the spaceage features of the Stoeger.