Is Goodlife Festival Safe?

Good Life prides itself on having an impeccable safety record, with some of the strictest entry policies in the world ensuring attendees’ safety. Measures include ID and bag checks, breathalysers, metal detectors, sniffer dogs and zero tolerance towards contraband or alcohol.

Is the Good Life Festival Cancelled?

Unlike Soundwave though, which temporarily halted performances, Good Life was advised by New South Wales police to at first suspend and then, as weather conditions worsened, shut down the event altogether.

What is lost city festival?

Event Details Australia’s biggest u/18s Festival, Lost City, returning bigger than ever to Accor Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park for one show only this April! Featuring Chillinit, Riton (UK), Will Sparks, Luude plus special guest & Global top 10 artist, Masked Wolf with smash hit ‘Astronaut in The Ocean’.

How do I change the name on my goodlife ticket?

Select the ‘Manage Tickets’ option on the upper right hand side, select the Reissue option, and follow the prompts to enter the new attendee’s details. Once the transaction has been approved, the Reissued tickets will be sent via email to the account holder.

How do I pause my goodlife membership?

If you wish to put a Pay Bi-weekly (no commitment) corporate membership on hold, or cancel it, please advise a friendly Associate at one of our clubs, or contact our Corporate Member Experience Department at 1-800-287-4631.

What is goodlife?

Definition of the good life 1 US : the kind of life that people with a lot of money are able to have She grew up poor, but now she’s living the good life. 2 : a happy and enjoyable life She gave up a good job in the city to move to the country in search of the good life.

Can you refund your goodlife ticket?

TICKET REFUNDS No refunds or exchanges on any ticket except as required by the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice or the Australian Consumer Law.

What do you need for a good concert?

How to Plan a Concert in 10 Steps

  1. Establish goals. One of the most important steps when discovering how to plan a concert is establishing goals.
  2. Create a budget.
  3. Find the talent.
  4. Pick a venue.
  5. Apply for permits and insurance.
  6. Finalize a date and time.
  7. Determine what equipment is needed.
  8. Create a comfortable environment.

Do you need ID with Ticketmaster tickets?

Tickets held at Will Call can only be retrieved by the cardholder with the original credit card of purchase and a valid photo ID with signature such as a state ID, driver’s license or passport.

How do I buy a ticket for someone else’s concert?

Ticketmaster, StubHub, and EventBrite are among a handful of trustworthy sites that setup the transaction by allowing you to by resale tickets directly from them. The sites are secure and remove the hassle of a 3rd-party seller, but the fees that come with both buying and selling on these sites are pretty hefty.

Is GoodLife Fitness worth the money?

A GoodLife Fitness membership is worth it because it has plenty of cardio and strength machines, free weights, group classes, and a lot of amenities. Most locations also have equipment for powerlifting and functional fitness workouts. And since many locations are open 24 hours, you can work out at any time.

What is annual cleanliness fee?

The Annual Cleanliness Fee allows us to offer the cleanest facilities out there! We are able to provide members an abundance of cleaning stations, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, regular facility upgrades and maintenance, shorter down time for broken equipment and more.