Is mainfreight a New Zealand company?

Mainfreight Limited is a listed-New Zealand logistics and transport company headquartered in Auckland. Mainfreight commenced operations in Auckland in 1978 and is one of the largest freight companies in New Zealand. It was listed on the New Zealand Exchange in 1996.

How long does mainfreight take to deliver?

Specialised Two-Man delivery service – Mainfreight 2Home Mainfreight 2Home is our decidated services that offers door to door delivery of items that need extra special handlings.

Who owns mainfreight NZ?

founder Bruce Plested
Mainfreight founder Bruce Plested says businesses can help solve inequality and low wage growth through profit sharing with employees, which this year cost the company $27 million.

Is mainfreight a freight forwarder?

As a global logistics provider, Mainfreight offers managed warehousing and international and domestic freight forwarding. With team and branches across Australia, China, Europe, New Zealand and the Americas Mainfreight continues to expand its global footprint.

How many employees does Mainfreight have?

We are an 8000+ strong global team, but ask our people and they’ll tell you it’s like being part of one big blue-blooded family. Our DNA is carved out of hard work, ingenuity and a deep care for one another.

What does in transit mean mainfreight?

In Transit. Your freight has loaded onto a truck and has departed from the sending branch. At Delivery Depot. Your freight has arrived at the delivery branch. On Delivery Vehicle.

Who is Bruce Plested?

Mainfreight executive chairman Bruce Plested is the winner of the Deloitte Top 200 Visionary Leader 2014 Award. The Top 200 Awards judges say he built a global transport company from nothing and has done many wonderful things along the way.

How many employees does mainfreight have?

How many countries does mainfreight operate in?

Mainfreight Limited is a global supply chain logistics provider with operations in 24 countries.