Is Narumi a girl?


Pronunciation Ná-rú-mí
Gender Unisex
Word/name Japanese
Meaning It can have many different meanings depending on the kanji used.

How old is Narumi Seraph of the End?

Character Description (キャラ説明)

Affiliation Moon Demon Company (Narumi Squad: Squad Leader)
Age 19
Birthday September 19
Height 175 cm

Does Sayuri like Guren?

History. Realizing her love for Guren Sayuri belongs to a retainer house that serves the Ichinoses. During her childhood with him, she had a crush on Guren and is his emotional support. She confessed her love but it was unrequited.

Does Kou date Narumi?

Kou Mabuchi After her father’s death and leaving her mother, Narumi became closer with Kou. She tries to manipulate Kou into staying with her by making him feel bad, Narumi tends to think that Kou is the only person she has and in fact is in love with him.

Is Asuramaru a boy?

Asuramaru refers to himself with “boku” (僕), a first-person Japanese pronoun usually used by males, but also used by some females, so Asuramaru’s gender was hard to determine. However, it was confirmed in the latest official fanbook that he is indeed male.

Are Krul and Asuramaru related?

Asuramaru lived in the past as a human named Ashera Tepes with his mother and younger sister, Krul Tepes.

How does asuramaru look like his sister?

In appearance and clothing Asuramaru shares some resemblance with his sister, Krul, such as the horns with the exception they are white. Furthermore, the rings on his sleeves with only two of them being white, then both of them have long hair, where Asuramaru’s hair is unsteady.

Is asuramaru a demon?

Asuramaru was staring intently, and the answer ‘yes’ was given on whether they wanted to see this through. According to Saitō’s words, Asuramaru was one of the third progenitors. During a time, Asuramaru was in a room along with Sika’s Madu and his other apostles, with Noya as a demon too.

What does asuramaru mean when he says he trusts Yu?

—Asuramaru to Yu when Yu thinks that Asuramaru is his friend and he trusts him. (“Cannibal Family”) “I’ll make you into a demon!”

What does asuramaru do in the anime?

Asuramaru is summoned by Mahiru to slay a vampire that tracked her to Tokyo. As a weapon he is being used by Mahiru to fend off four vampires on the freeway, but ends up getting separated from her once captured.