Is Sysco owned by US Foods?

Though US Foods wasn’t acquired by Sysco, it isn’t independent. The company was acquired by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice LLC and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

What states does Sysco operate in?

Sysco operates 197 distribution facilities throughout the U.S., Bahamas, Canada, and Ireland. Texas, California, and Florida alone house 25% of these facilities. Sysco owns approximately 22,384,000 square feet of distribution facilities, which is 82.9% of the total square feet of their facilities.

Are US Foods and Sysco the same?

On June 29, 2015, Sysco terminated its merger with US Foods.

Where is Sysco Foods headquarters?

Houston, TXSysco / Headquarters

How long has Sysco been in business?

Founded in 1969, SYSCO has grown steadily ever since—mainly through dozens of acquisitions of smaller distributors—with annual increases in sales and earnings of 20 percent almost every year.

Why choose Sysco Food Service?

Fresh from the Roots. Fresh food and fresh ideas are at the heart of food and service. Sysco delivers exceptional produce, custom cuts of meat, high-quality seafood, and imported foods offering global flavors.

How many employees does Sysco have?

Sysco’s rich legacy of world-class food service includes 65,000 global associates. Join us! Sysco operates more than 320 distribution facilities serving more than 650,000 customers around the world. An important update is available for your browser.

What does Sysco do to fight hunger?

Sysco has partnerships with food banks and other hunger relief organizations to invest in the needs of diverse communities around the world. Fighting hunger is a vital part of Sysco’s heart. At Sysco, we want to be your most valued and trusted business partner. We aim to exceed your expectations and deliver shipments as ordered.

What are the benefits of the Sysco mobile app?

Order, track, manage – The intuitive Sysco Mobile app provides customers with a quick and resourceful ordering experience and numerous other benefits that go beyond order entry. See how our new mobile apps can help run your business more efficiently.