Is there an app like a diary?

Daylio – Journal App for Android Daylio is an amazing diary/journal app that is the best journal app for iPhone as well as Android devices. You can keep your daily diary without even writing a word with its two-step simple entry creation.

What app do you use to make travelogue?

Bonjournal – Minimalist (& Free) Travel Journal App If you’re looking for a free travel journal app, Bonjournal is the app you’re looking for. I like to think of this app as a minimalist, stripped-down version of Day One (see above). You have the ability to add photos and write journals on each day.

How do you make a travel diary?

How To Write Travel Journals: 5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Journaling

  1. Use your journal to plan your trip. Your trip journal can begin before your trip has even started.
  2. Write about what you imagine it will be like.
  3. Write during your trip.
  4. Add pictures to your journal.
  5. Write about your trip after you leave.

Is there a diary app by Google?

Google Calendar has some wonderful features to help you see what’s ahead. You can use those same features to see what’s happened over time. In short, turn Google Calendar into a Google “Diary”. The calendar gives you multiple views, color-coding, and event details on dates at a glance.

How does Polarsteps app work?

The concept is simple: Schedule the times you’re traveling and your app does the rest. It checks your location from time to time, and publishes its findings to a webpage so your friends and family can follow along with your globetrotting. As you add photographs and locations, your travel log populates itself.

How do you use day one as a travel journal?

Five Ways to Use Day One as a Travel Journal

  1. Thoughts, Plans, and Dreams. This one is obvious.
  2. Photos. As laughter is to a good joke, so too is photography to a good trip.
  3. Location Tracking.
  4. Activity Tracking.
  5. Activity Feed.

What a travel journal looks like?

Travel journals help you to write and document about the experience you had during your trips. You can include the written description of the place that you have visited, list down your itinerary, the photos that you took during your trip and even voice recordings that you have made during your time.

Is diaro app free?

Is Diaro free to use? Yes, it is free to use on any Android (version 2.3+) and iOS (version 7+). A Diaro PRO version is also available with many additional features.