What are PHC piles?

Generally, a PHC pipe pile is in a circular pipe shape and is made of pre-stressed steel bar, reinforcement stirrup and high-strength concrete.

How do you design a pile?

The design of pile foundation involves providing adequate pile type, size, depth, and number to support the superstructure load without excessive settlement and bearing capacity failure. Deep foundations are more expensive and technical than shallow foundations.

How are piles constructed?

Step 1: a hole a little larger than the pile diameter and the full length of the pile is dug into the ground using an apparatus like a soil boring machine. Step 2: a precast concrete pile is lowered or pushed into the hole. Step 3: a concrete grout is poured into the gap between the pile and the earth.

How do you calculate the number of piles?

Allowable load and spacing. Both the dynamic and static formulas indicate that an allowable load of 15 tons per pile is reason- able. The number of piles required to support the load is 180/15 = 12 piles.

What is prestressed concrete pile?

Prestressed concrete square piles are often used in the construction of low and medium rise buildings, pedestrian and other short span bridges, manufacturing plants, retaining walls, big drains and culverts, embankments, and other construction projects within the construction industry.

What is pile depth?

Their answer is 1.5m to 2.5m is depth of Shallow Foundation used in construction civil engineering. What is depth of pile foundation? Their answer is 3.5m to 20m is depth of pile Foundation depend on load acting on it.

How is pile depth calculated?

General factors to be considered for determining depth of foundation are:

  1. Load applied from structure to the foundation.
  2. Bearing capacity of soil.
  3. Depth of water level below the ground surface.
  4. Types of soil and depth of layers in case of layered soil.
  5. Depth of adjacent foundation.

What is the minimum depth of pile foundation?

Depth of deep foundation depend on applied load on structure If the load on foundation is 500KN, minimum depth is 3.5m to 4.5m, If the load on foundation is in the range of 2000KN to 3000KN, minimum depth for pile foundation is 6.0m to 20.0m with pile caps.

What is bearing capacity of pile?

Bearing capacity of piles a calculated value Qf given by the sum of the end-bearing and shaft resistances; or the load at which a settlement of 0.1 diameter occurs (when Qmax is not clear). For large-diameter piles, settlement can be large, therefore a safety factor of 2-2.5 is usually used on the working load.

How is pile depth measured?

Bored and driven depths should be measured from the commencing surface to the bottom of the casings of driving cast-in-place piles and to the toe level of other piles, with due adjustment for raking piles.