What are the charges for cash deposit?

In the Savings (other than Basic SA) and Current Accounts, the cash deposits will be Free up to Rs. 10,000 per month and thereafter, a charge of 0.50% of the value subject to a minimum of ₹25 per transaction will be levied.

Why do we deduct 295 from BoB?

295 is a cheque bounce charge, which should be charged once, but it had charged me 10 times.

What is minimum balance charges in Bank of Baroda?

Charges for non-maintenance of minimum required balance is Rs. 100/- plus GST, per quarter. Opening of account by minimum Rs. 1,000/- only.

Do banks charge you for depositing cash?

While there’s been a talk of banks charging customers fees for making cash deposits, none of the major banks have implemented this kind of policy to date. That means that as long as you’re making the large cash deposit into a personal checking or savings account, you won’t pay a fee for this service.

Is there any charges for depositing cash in bank?

Cash deposits up to Rs 10,000 will remain free in case of the Savings (other than Basic Savings Account) accounts, as well as current accounts. “Post free limit, 0.50 per cent of the value subject to minimum Rs 25 per transaction,” said the IPPB in a chart notifying the changes.

Why do banks charge for cash deposits?

To make a profit and pay operating expenses, banks typically charge for the services they provide. When a bank lends you money, it charges interest on the loan. When you open a deposit account, such as a checking or savings account, there are fees for that as well.

What is the charge of 295 in Bank of Baroda?

295 as debit card fee (for APR21 to MAR22) for the Visa Platinum card they have provided with my AC. Last year the same fee was Rs. 236 (APR20 to MAR21).

What are the bank of Baroda Deposit&Withdrawal charges?

Bank of Baroda deposit & withdrawal Charges: Savings bank (SB) account holders of Bank of Baroda will be charged Rs 40-50 per transaction for depositing money beyond three free deposits in a month and Rs 100-125 post three free withdrawals. Pedestrians walk past a Bank of Baroda (BOB) branch in Mumbai, India, on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Why choose Baroda advantage current account?

Opt for Baroda Advantage Current Account and get multiple benefits. A Baroda Advantage Current Account offers a wide range of benefits to both – rural and urban customers, such as free mobile and internet banking and low minimum quarterly average balance.

What is the difference between Baroda payment gateway and pay point?

Baroda Payment Gateway: Accept online payments through all modes through state of art payment gateway of the Bank. Baroda Pay Point: Accept online/offline payment through all modes with Low transaction fee and initial investments. All Individuals including Minors of age 14 years and above.

What is Digi hub in bank of Baroda?

Digi Hub is one of the innovative solutions that Bank of Baroda is pioneering to serve its Radiance customers outside large cities where bank has relatively leaner presence of specialized investment teams. Home loan packed with multiple benefits for all aspiring homeowners. Get finance for your dream home and avail maximum benefit of interest.