What are the nearest meaning of absolved?

Some common synonyms of absolve are acquit, exculpate, exonerate, and vindicate. While all these words mean “to free from a charge,” absolve implies a release either from an obligation that binds the conscience or from the consequences of disobeying the law or committing a sin.

What is spuriously?

spu·ri·ous adj. 1. Lacking authenticity or validity in essence or origin; not genuine: spurious poems attributed to Shakespeare. 2. Not trustworthy; dubious or fallacious: spurious reasoning; a spurious justification.

What does Escapulate mean?

transitive verb. : to clear from alleged fault or guilt.

What part of speech is transcended?

TRANSCEND (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a spurious root?

As observed by Sadath and Vyasarayani (2015), some eigenvalues of the approximating ODE system are spurious: they are not characteristic roots of the original DDE. In some cases, spurious roots happen to be the rightmost eigenvalues of an approximating ODE system. Such roots pose analytical and practical challenges.

What does to dissolve mean?

1a : to cause to disperse or disappear : destroy do not dissolve and deface the laws of charity— Francis Bacon. b : to separate into component parts : disintegrate dissolved the company into smaller units. c : to bring to an end : terminate the king’s power to dissolve parliament their partnership was dissolved.

What does exculpation mean?

noun. clearance from a charge of guilt or fault; vindication: A biological or environmental explanation for a criminal act does not translate into exculpation of the individual.

What’s another word for transcended?

Frequently Asked Questions About transcend Some common synonyms of transcend are exceed, excel, outdo, outstrip, and surpass.

What is the meaning of the word absolves?

Define absolves. absolves synonyms, absolves pronunciation, absolves translation, English dictionary definition of absolves. tr.v. ab·solved , ab·solv·ing , ab·solves 1. To pronounce clear of guilt or blame. 2. To relieve of a requirement or obligation. 3. a. To grant a remission…

What does it mean to absolve someone of a crime?

Legal Definition of absolve. 2 : to determine to be free of fault, guilt, or liability a jury absolved the defendant of any negligence — Harbaugh v. Darr, 438 P.2d 74 (1968)

What does it mean to absolve someone of a sin?

The act of absolving can be seen as releasing someone from blame or sin, or “loosening” the hold that responsibility has on a person, which provides a hint about the word’s origins.

What does it mean to be absolved by the church?

The Church may absolve you of your sins, but that won’t absolve you of the need to attend mass. The Latin absolvere, which means “to set free,” is the root of the word absolve. In the religious sense, to be absolved means to be truly forgiven in the eyes of the Lord, which must feel like being set free.