What books are a good introduction to game theory?

12 Best Game Theory Books for Beginners

  • Play Optimal Poker. Practical Game Theory for Every Poker Player.
  • Mathematics Old and New. Saul Stahl, Paul E.
  • Game Theory.
  • Probability, Decisions and Games.
  • Game Theory.
  • The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume I.
  • Game Theory 101.
  • Strategy and Game Theory.

What is the best game theory?

One of the most popular and basic game theory strategies is the prisoner’s dilemma. This concept explores the decision-making strategy taken by two individuals who, by acting in their own individual best interest, end up with worse outcomes than if they had cooperated with each other in the first place.

Who is the most famous game theorist?

The key pioneers of game theory were mathematician John von Neumann and economist Oskar Morgenstern in the 1940s.

Does game theory actually work?

Applied in the right way— by understanding the motivations of those who participate and the so- cial norms that guide them—game theory can successfully predict how people will behave and, similarly, its techniques can help in economic sys- tem design.

Where can I learn game theory?

Stanford University. Game Theory.

  • Stanford University. Game Theory II: Advanced Applications.
  • The University of Tokyo. Welcome to Game Theory.
  • Stanford University. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking.
  • National Taiwan University.
  • Gamification.
  • Coursera Project Network.
  • Stanford University.
  • Why is game theory wrong?

    Game theory, with its highly questionable assumptions on ‘rationality’, equilibrium solutions, information, and knowledge, simply makes it useless as an instrument for explaining real-world phenomena. Applications of game theory have on the whole resulted in massive predictive failures.

    What’s wrong with game theory?

    The weaknesses of game theory for purposes of economic modelling are discussed: the theory requires that protocols for interaction are precise (whereas in the real world they are often ambiguous). The theory often provides many equilibria and no way to choose among them.

    Is game theory hard to learn?

    Another problem is that game theory is mentally taxing. In many games, including some that initially seem pretty simple, finding the Nash equilibria can be very difficult, at least for ordinary mortals.