What clothes do Tamils wear?

Especially Tamilians give respect to wear their traditional dresses. The traditional dress of Men in Tamil Nadu is Lungi. They also called Dhoti with Angavastram and a shirt. The women wear traditional sari and blouse.

What is the dress code of Tamil Nadu?

Women will have to wear saree/salwar kameez/churidaar with dupatta while they are on government duty, men will have wear shirts with formal pants/veshti (dhoti) or any other Indian traditional dress. In the previous order, the Tamil Nadu government had not included veshtis.

What is the name of Tamil traditional dress?

Sari finds immense significance in the traditional clothing for women in Tamil Nadu. The popular Tamil poetry Cilappatikaram portrays females in a sari. Sari is a dress which women wear in offices, temples, parties and marriages.

What is the traditional dress of Tamil Nadu men?

A lungi is primarily the traditional dress for men in Tamil Nadu. A lungi is nothing but a rectangular piece of cloth that is wrapped around your legs and thighs. They customarily wear white or pastel colours but today, lungis are available in all shades as well as sizes.

What type of clothes do people wear in Chennai?

Answer: Men usually wear a dress called veshti (lungi) and shirt. However, due to the modernization of Chennai, people are commonly seen wearing western attires including shirts, jeans, and t-shirts. Although, western wear is not very popular except in the urbanized areas.

What is dhoti called in Tamil Nadu?

A veshti is a white unstitched cloth wrap for the lower body in Tamil Nadu. Veshti is a part of the traditional attire consisting of Kurta and Angvastra. The garment is a single piece of cloth and similar to the dhoti, one of the earliest draped garments of India.

What is the dress code of Chennai?

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu government believes clothes maketh the man, and woman. It has brought in a dress code for those working at Fort St George, the seat of its power. Women will have to wear “saris or salwar kameez or churidar with dupatta of sober colour” and men will have to wear “formal shirts with formal pants”.

Can girls wear shorts in Chennai?

Yes she can wear.

What is Tamil Nadu culture?

Known to be one of the oldest civilisations in the world, the people of Tamil Nadu belong to the prestigious Dravidian Family. Tamilians also, like other South Indians, take much pride in their rooted Tamil culture and make great efforts to protect their 2000 years old history.

What is lungi called in Tamil Nadu?

It is also known as kaili or sāram/chāram in South Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, the veshti or dhoti is a traditional wear. People wear veshtis for formal occasions whereas lungis are worn as informal or casual wear by some.

What is veshti and Mundu?

Just so that you north Indians know, in the south, a formal dhoti is called a mundu or a veshti and not a DHOTI. An informal dhoti is called a LUNGI. You wear a mundu or a veshti to work or on formal outings, and a lungi at home.

Can we wear shorts in Chennai?

4. Don’t ever wear anything too short or revealing in Chennai, if you don’t want to be petrified with excruciating glares of the people. No matter how tempted you are to free yourself off the clothing baggage, drop the idea and dress wisely and decently!