What color eggs do crested Cream Legbars lay?

blue egg
The Cream Legbar chickens lay a beautiful blue egg. One of the most popular auto-sexing breeds in the world, the Cream Legbar is still very rare in the United States. Female hens sport a small crest and are silver grey with a salmon-colored breast.

Are crested Cream Legbars friendly?

In general, Cream Legbars are friendly, easily handled and quite sociable. However, they do have a wild side which is why they don’t particularly care for confinement. They are excellent foragers, very watchful, and predator savvy. Roosters can be aggressive, especially in the mating and breeding season.

What is the difference between a Cream Legbar and a crested Cream Legbar?

Other notable features of Cream Legbar chickens The most noticeable trait in Cream Legbars is the adorable little feather crests they have on their heads, just behind their combs. The crests are considerably larger in the hens, and much less noticeable in the roosters.

How much are Cream Legbar chickens?

Limit of 49 on Females

1-4 5-9 15+
$11.25 $9.40 $7.05

Do Legbars lay in winter?

Egg Laying: They are also very reliable layers! Many of our young legbars lay eggs all winter long, even when our other breeds take a seasonal break.

Do Cream Legbars go broody?

This hardy breed is active and a frugal eater. It is quite unusual for them to go broody. Be aware that many so-called Cream Legbars do not fulfil the breed standard because they have lost the dilute cream gene.

Do Cream Legbars fly?

We have two Cream legbar hens, and love them! They’re curious and perky, and have a very regal, quite delicate bearing. One is extremely flighty and can only be picked up if cornered, and the other one is very friendly and will happily be handled. They lay beautiful delicate blue eggs during the summer months.

Do Cream Legbars lay in winter?

Many readers ask “When do cream legbars start laying?” because their chickens are 7 months old, with no eggs in sight. Remember that if your hen turns 6 months old during winter, she is less likely to start laying. In fact, she might wait until spring before beginning egg production.

What chicken lays the bluest eggs?

What Chicken Lays The Bluest Eggs? Araucana eggs are the bluest eggs known, and are caused by the oocyan gene. This breed evolved in Chile, and all other blue egg laying breeds are descended from Araucanas.

What color eggs do Legbars lay?

The Legbar has three colour varieties: gold, silver and cream. The cream variant has a crest and lays blue, olive or green eggs.

What is a Starlight Green Egger?

The Starlight Green Egger™ is very similar to the Prairie Bluebell Egger™. This breed was created by crossing the Prairie Bluebell Egger™ with a brown egg layer, the result is a chicken breed that lays high quantities of only green eggs.

What age do Cream Legbars start laying?

about 6 months
Like most chickens, Cream Legbars start laying their eggs at about 6 months of age.