What color of metal roof is best?

The best matches include black and red, as well as bare metal. Yellow buildings are beautiful and sunny, but the roof needs to contrast with the bright color. Muted shades are going to be the best bet here, so stick with things like black, brown, and gray. Blue is also a good option, but don’t choose bright shades.

What colors are available in metal roofing?

10 Popular Metal Roof and Wall Colors & Finishes at Sheffield Metals

  • Dark Bronze.
  • Galvalume Plus.
  • Matte Black.
  • Charcoal Gray.
  • Medium Bronze.
  • Slate Gray.
  • Regal White.
  • Mansard Brown.

What colors does sheet metal come in?


  • Colonial Red.
  • Slate Blue.
  • Mansard Blue.
  • Bone White.
  • Regal Blue.
  • Dark Bronze.
  • Almond.
  • Hartford Green.

What color metal roof reflects heat the best?

White and Light Colors White is the most reflective color, and white metal roofing can actually lower the ambient temperature in the home by reflecting more of the sun’s rays into the environment. Still, the shine of bright white on a roof is imposing and can take away from the overall aesthetic of the house.

Which metal roof color lasts the longest?

Darker Colors-the darker the color of a metal roof, the more quickly it will fade. Dark colors absorb sunlight and heat up much faster than lighter hues that reflect them away. A white or pastel-colored metal roof lasts longer than its dark counterparts but provides less insulation against extreme temperatures.

Can I paint a metal roof?

You can use acrylic latex paint or oil-based alkyd paint; just make sure you buy one that is specifically designed to paint a metal roof. Painted metal roofs come with a baked-on factory finish. To ensure that the paint will stick to the previous finish, you must prime the surface.

How do I choose a roof color?

Your roof color needs to coordinate with all the other exterior colors so they don’t clash. The shingle color also needs to mesh with your home’s style, the natural surroundings and all of the exterior elements. The goal is to pick the best color that will compliment your home’s architecture and increase curb appeal.

What roof color is energy efficient?

The Most Energy-Efficient Roofing Colors Include: White. Light gray. Light tan.

Which roof color is best for hot climate?

The Best Roof Material for a Hot Climate

  • Best of all, green roofs are considered energy-efficient and naturally reduce the heat island effect.
  • However, green roofs require good planning, expertise, and vision.

What colors do metal roofing panels come in?

Metal roofing panel systems come in a wide variety of colors ranging from subtle hues of gray, brown and black; classic shades of green, burgundy, and tan; to vibrant shades of blue, copper, and galvalume. Color options vary by region, product, and gauge, so make sure to check availability for your project.

What color should I choose for my roof?

Choosing a color for your roof that contrasts with your home’s siding or brick color will instantly help your home stand out and command attention. On the other hand, choosing complimentary colors will create a monochromatic scheme that will convey a more classic look and feel.

How do I verify the color of my metal roofing and siding?

Once you’ve selected a color, contact ABC for a metal chip to verify the color selection of your metal roofing and siding panels.

Does the color of a metal roof fade?

While all colors on a roof will eventually fade, none undergo the drastic change that comes from copper as the metal oxidizes with the air and changes appearance so significantly, over a 20 year period. Most to all other modern metal roofs have color applied in a factory setting.