What documents are required for H4 stamping?

H4 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist – Marriage certificate, Wedding Invitation Card, Photo album, H1B i797, employment verification letter, Pay stubs, W2, LCA….Passport.

  • Passport.
  • DS 160 form – No need to carry full copy of DS160.
  • US embassy Visa interview appointment confirmation.

Is i797 needed for H4 stamping?

H4 i797 is irrelevant and is not required for H4 visa stamping. You only need H1B i797 for H4 stamp along with other supporting documents.

How can I get H4 visa stamped?

H4 Visa Stamping Documents

  1. Current passport as well as old passports.
  2. One photograph (Only for dropbox appointment)
  3. Confirmation page of online submitted Form DS-160 with CEAC bar code.
  4. Visa fees.
  5. Original Interview appointment letter and one copy.

Do you need original i 797 for visa stamping?

You do not need to present your original I-797 approval notice when you apply for entry into the U.S. The receipt number on your visa stamp is sufficient for officials at the port of entry to look up the petition approval.

Is Nie needed for H4 stamping?

Are H4/ other dependent visa holders eligible to apply for an NIE? Yes, H4s and dependent visa category holders can apply for NIE on the grounds of family separation.

Is H4 stamping open in India?

H4 Visa Emergency Appointments, Interviews – 21 Experiences in India. Due to COVID-19, US Consulates in India are not open for regular operations yet. Many of the H4 Holders are getting Emergency US Visa Appointments based on H1B & H4 Visa Exemptions from Trump travel ban.

How can I get a copy of my i-797?

Form I-824 is the application to request a duplicate approval notice. If you have filed an immigrant petition or application that was approved but you never received an Approval Notice or if the Approval Notice was lost, then you can file Form I-824 to receive a new one.

Will H4 visa get rejected?

212(a)(4) Refusal The visa sponsor (or principal applicant) must be able to take care of their H4 dependents. The application for the H4 visa will, therefore, be rejected by a 212(A)(4) refusal if the financial means of the principal applicant does not meet or exceed the state poverty line.

Does H4 qualify for emergency appointment?

Many of the H4 Holders are getting Emergency US Visa Appointments based on H1B & H4 Visa Exemptions from Trump travel ban. The H4 Visa community has really come together to help one another other during difficult times in various social media channels, especially many Telegram groups.

Is US consulate open for H4 visa?

Dropbox slots continue to be open for H1B, H4, L and other visa types. The number of slots are limited and they fill quickly. More F1 visa appointment slots are open as the focus is on Spring 2022 students. All US consulates in India continue to operate in limited fashion with limited number of appointments.