What does Columbia Omni-Shield mean?

Definition of Omni-Shield from Columbia. Featured on the outside of select Columbia products, this protective barrier resists stains and rain. The design of this coating is such that any potentially staining liquid is prevented from absorbing into the yarns of the fabric underneath.

Is Columbia Omni-Shield waterproof?

Omni-Tech is built with an exterior waterproof layer and an air-permeable membrane, allowing for dry comfort during winter activities. How does it work? The outer shell of Columbia Omni-Tech products shields its wearer with windproof and waterproof protection.

Are Columbia Omni-Tech jackets warm?

It’s stretchy, breathable, wicks moisture well, and is amazingly warm for such a lightweight fabric. We carry a wide variety of Columbia products with Omni-Heat, from the base layer Dave loves to interchange ski jackets, and including boots, hats, headbands and gloves.

Is Columbia Omni Heat jacket waterproof?

No, Columbia Omni Heat is NOT waterproof.

Is Omni Tech as good as Gore Tex?

Waterproof Rating Omni-Tech has a water column of 10.000mm, which technically classifies it as waterproof, albeit not highly so. Gore-Tex, on the other hand, starts at 28.000mm, which makes it a highly waterproof fabric, that can withstand snow blizzards and heavy rainfall without any issue.

How do I know what model Columbia jacket I have?

Looks like you are searching for the style ID of your garment. That can be found on the small tag behind the washing instructions. It is a 7-digit number like 1618371.

Is Omnitech the same as Gore-Tex?

How these fabrics wear is a bit different, as Omni-Tech, is slightly more malleable and gives in a lot easier to movement, whereas Gore-Tex is stiffer. Due to the Omni-Shield coating also, Omni-Tech has a better feel to it and it is also able to dry quite fast.

What is Omni-Shield technology?

What is it? Columbia Omni-Shield is a water and stain barrier that resists light rain and stains. It is built with a coated fabric that resists liquids below 170 degrees Fahrenheit and repels them from staining or entering the garment.

Is Columbia Omni Heat for winter?

From boots to jackets, reflective Columbia linings help retain and reflect body heat to increase warmth in cold weather. We’re fans of Columbia’s Omni Heat snow boots, jackets and pants.

How good is Omnitech waterproof?

What is Columbia Omni-Tech made of?

Definition of Omni-Tech from Columbia. This three layer, waterproof and breathable shell material is the foundation for much of Columbia’s technical apparel. The outermost shell layer consists of a stain and water resistant Omni-Shield® coating that helps fight dirt and grime buildup.