What does the word tubero mean?

noun. bulb [noun] the ball-shaped part of the stem of certain plants, eg onions, tulips etc, from which their roots grow. tuber [noun] (biology) a swelling on the stem or root of a plant, in which food is stored.

What is Nabalahaw?

[verb] to be stuck in mud; to be bogged down.

What is Nababanas?

[verb] to be annoyed of something; to be sick of something.

How do you pronounce plumber?

Break ‘plumber’ down into sounds: [PLUM] + [UH] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What does Di ba mean in Tagalog?

2. Diba? A common phrase that you’ll come across in Tagalog is the word diba. This simply means right. It is typically used to ask a question, such as Yung jacket mo, diba? or, “That’s your jacket, right?” It might also translate into English as “is it not”.

Why is B silent in plumber?

Because it’s silent in plumb. Plumb, numb, dumb, etc. underwent a sound change deleting the final b, but since number is monomorphemic (the entire thing is one meaning-chunk, while plumber is composed of plumb+er) and syllabifies the b as the onset of the second syllable, the b stays pronounced.

What is Pagkahumaling?

pagkahumaling [noun] craze; obsession.

What is another word for nababahala?

nababahala. English Translation. #N#concerned. More meanings for nababahala. concerned adjective. #N#. nababalisa, masikaso, nag-aalaala, nag-aalala. anxious adjective. #N#.

What is the meaning of Nabal?

Dictionaries – Easton’s Bible Dictionary – Nabal. Nabal [N] [H] [S] foolish, a descendant of Caleb who dwelt at Maon ( 1 Samuel 25 ), the modern Main, 7 miles south-east of Hebron.

What does Bahala mean in English?

Bahala na kayo. The decision is yours. (It’s up to you.) n. 2. indifference, lack of interest: pagkawalang- bahala, may kalamigan sa pakikitungo v. 1. to ask as a price, put a price on: sumingil, singilin, maghalaga, halagahan, magpabayad, papagbayarin 3. to attack: sumalakay, salakayin, lumusob, lusubin, umatake, atakihin, dumaluhong, daluhungin