What has happened to Speedplay?

ATLANTA (BRAIN) — After nearly 30 years of entertaining purchase offers, Speedplay co-founders Richard Bryne and Sharon Worman finally chose one to accept. On Tuesday, Wahoo Fitness announced it had bought the pedal company from Bryne and Worman.

Do all Speedplay pedals use the same cleats?

No. Essentially 2 cleats/pedals, X series(unrestricted float), Zero series(adjustable float). Send a pic or go to a decent LBS for what they are and cleats. ‘Light Action’ and standard ‘Zero’ cleat are not the same but yes, you can use each on either.

What is the difference between Speedplay Zero and X Series?

Difference between Speedplay X and Speedplay Zero The Speedplay Zero, are essentially the same as the X series, but you can control the amount of float, offering more adjustability than the Zero, which are always set to maximum float.

Is Speedplay owned by Wahoo?

SPEEDPLAY,now owned by Wahoo Fitness, is a brand of clipless road cycling pedals. Wahoo Fitness re-engineered the lollipop pedals for increased durability and easier setup and maintenance.

Why are Speedplay pedals better?

Once you’ve got it, they’re easy to use, and because they’re double-sided, your pedal is never the wrong way up as you set off – this makes them particularly good for getting off the line quickly, whether you’re racing or simply setting off from traffic lights.

Will new Speedplay cleats work with old pedals?

Both cleat options are compatible with all pedals in the new Speedplay lineup and are backwards compatible with all earlier Speedplay Zero models.

How do you break in Speedplay cleats?

lef wrote: Firstly new speedplay cleats are stiff, surprisingly so if you are new to them. They will loosen pretty quickly though and even just sitting on the bike for a while repeatedly clipping in and out may help.

Are Speedplay Frog pedals still made?

The Speedplay Frog pedals have been discontinued.