What is a 2nd generation computer?

A transistor computer, now often called a second-generation computer, is a computer which uses discrete transistors instead of vacuum tubes. The first generation of electronic computers used vacuum tubes, which generated large amounts of heat, were bulky and unreliable.

What is the 2nd generation computer memory?

The second generation computers used magnetic core technology for primary memory. They used magnetic tapes and magnetic disks for secondary storage. The input was still through punched cards and the output using printouts.

What is the Speciality of 2nd generation of computer?

It is more reliable. Uses less power and generates less heat. The speed of the second generation is faster as compared to the first generation. Second generation computers have improved accuracy and offer better portability.

What are the characters of second generation computer?

Second Generation of Computers

  • Main electronic component – transistor.
  • Memory – magnetic core and magnetic tape / disk.
  • Programming language – assembly language.
  • Power and size – low power consumption, generated less heat, and smaller in size (in comparison with the first generation computers).

What is the advantages of second generation?

The second-generation computers were more reliable. Used less energy and were not heated as much as first-generation computer. Wider commercial use. Better portability as compared to the first generation computers.

What are the features of second generation?

Features of the Second Generation of Computers

  • As the computers made in the second generation used transistors that made them more reliable, smaller in size, faster in speed, more energy-efficient, and cheaper compared to the first generation of computers.
  • They contain magnetic storage disks and magnetic core memory.

What are the features of second generation language?

Second-generation languages usually have strong built-in types, hierarchical name structures and better control of name spaces, which allows for efficient dynamic memory allocation. This is because hierarchical structuring increases control flow, which eliminates the need for confusing networks.

What was used in second generation?

The period of second generation was from 1959-1965. In this generation, transistors were used that were cheaper, consumed less power, more compact in size, more reliable and faster than the first generation machines made of vacuum tubes.

What is the speed of second generation computer?

Note : Second generation computers were made to process information faster than the first computers. The first generation computers had a speed of 5mbps while the second generation computers had a speed of 10mbps (Oderog, A., 2010).

What is the example of second generation computer?

Examples of the second generation computers include IBM 1620, IBM 7094, CDC 1604, CDC 3600, UNIVAC 1108. As a result, they worked on AC and therefore were faster than their predecessors.