What is a AirSeal iFS?

The ConMed AirSeal iFS is an insufflation management system that can provide stable pneumoperitoneum, smoke evacuation, and valve-free access to the abdominal cavity during robotic and laparoscopy. This insufflator enables surgeons to operate at lower pressures or use standard high-flow insufflation.

What is the point of AirSeal?

The AirSeal ® System enables surgeons to operate with stable pneumoperitoneum in even the most challenging situations. ** These include incisions for specimen removal, excessive trocar valve leakage, conventional trocar dislodgement, and colpotomy during laparoscopic or robotic hysterectomies.

How much does Airseal cost?

The national average cost to air seal a home is between $600 to $2,300, with most people paying around $1,450 to seal the interior and exterior walls in a 1,500 sq. ft. home. At the low end of the spectrum, you pay $200 to air seal the ductwork in a 1,500 sq.

Is sealing attic worth it?

It was undoubtedly a huge step to insulate your entire home, but is air sealing the attic worth it? Even if you don’t intend to use your attic, it’s still a source of energy leaks. If you want to save on your energy bill and keep your home comfortable, air sealing the attic is most definitely worth it!

How do I seal my house?

Caulk and weatherstrip doors and windows that leak air. Caulk and seal air leaks where plumbing, ducting, or electrical wiring comes through walls, floors, ceilings, and soffits over cabinets. Install foam gaskets behind outlet and switch plates on walls.

Where is sealed available?

Where is Sealed available? Sealed currently serves customers living in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, the Philadelphia Metro Area of Pennsylvania, and the Chicagoland Area of Illinois.

What is air sealing a home?

Air sealing reduces drafts and heat loss by eliminating air leaks in the building around the chimney, plumbing penetrations, and recessed lights. Residential Registered Vendors use a variety of materials, including caulk, spray foam, metal flashing, weather stripping, and rigid foam.