What is a hot plate stirrer used for?

The hotplate stirrer (or hot plate stirrer or hot plate magnetic stirrer) is used for mixing and heating aqueous solutions for a great variety of chemical reactions such as synthesis. VELP hotplate stirrers are available in various models and combinations in both analog and digital configurations.

What is the best hot plate magnetic stirrer?

the best laboratory magnetic stirrers

  • AREX-6 Connect PRO Hot Plate Stirrer.
  • AREX-6 Digital PRO Hot Plate Stirrer.
  • MSL 25 Digital – High Volume Magnetic Stirrer.
  • MSL 50 Digital – High Volume Magnetic Stirrer.
  • MSL 8 – High Volume Magnetic Stirrer.
  • MSL 8 Digital – High Volume Magnetic Stirrer.
  • MST Digital Magnetic Stirrer.

What are the 2 primary functions of a stirrer hot plate?

A hot plate stirrer or a hot plate magnetic stirrer is a laboratory instrument that is typically used to stir and heat the solution simultaneously. This helps the person performing the experiment speed up the reaction and properly dissolve the solute in the solvent.

How does a stir bar work?

A stir bar consists of a magnetic bar used to agitate a liquid mixture or solution (Figure 6.6). Because the glass does not affect a magnetic field significantly, and most of the chemical reactions are performed in glass vials or beakers, stirring bars function adequately in glassware commonly used in laboratories.

How do stir plates work?

A separate magnet (or magnets) is placed underneath the container, so that it attracts to the stir bar magnet. The lower magnet is usually attached to a motor that spins it. If the magnets are close enough, the stir bar magnet spins inside the container.

What is the difference between agitator and stirrer?

As nouns the difference between stirrer and agitator is that stirrer is a device used to stir while agitator is one who agitates; one who stirs up or excites others; as, political reformers.

How much does a hotplate stirrer cost?

On sale. MS-H280-Pro Digital Hotplate Stirrer. Economically priced LED digital ideal for temperatures below 280°C and 3L. based on 6 reviews. $310 USD from $248 USD. On sale. MS-H-S Circular-top Analog Hotplate Stirrer. Ceramic steel plate and thermal conductivity up to 340°C.

What is the temperature range of a hot plate stirrer?

Fisherbrand™ Hot Plate Stirrer, 538°C, Ceramic Stirring Range:0 to 2500 rpm; Shape:Square; Size:4 x 4 in. Corning™ Pyroceram™ Hot Plate Stirrer Kit, 5°C to 550°C, Glass Ceramic

What is included in the stirring hot plate kit?

* Stirring Hot Plate Kit includes temperature controller, two support rods, and a magnetic stir bar retriever. *Select only ONE gift. One gift per unit purchased.

What sizes do Pyroceram® top stirring hot plates come in?

New digital display Pyroceram® top stirring hot plates (Figure 1) are available in two top sizes: PC-420D with a 5″ x 7″ (12.7 x 17.8cm) Pyroceram® top PC-620D with a 10″ x 10″ (25.4 x 25.4cm) Pyroceram® top A standard Pyroceram® top stirring hot Read more Use the Quantity box to select product first.