What is a South African deer called?

The Springbok also called as jumping buck and gerenuk antelope species could be closely related to Springbok.

What is a small African deer called?

There are four species of dik-dik, all native to the grasslands of southern Africa. They’re a kind of miniature antelope, with hooves and (on the males anyway) horns.

What is the name of a South African antelope?

Answer. Vote. Clue: South African antelope. Answer: NYALA.

What animal is an IBOK?

An ibex (plural ibex, ibexes or ibices) is any of several species of wild goat (genus Capra), distinguished by the male’s large recurved horns, which are transversely ridged in front.

What are the names of African deer?

15 African Deer Species – Antelope and Gazelle

  • Impala. Impala antelope of Africa is known for anti predator strategy and found in woodlands and savannahs.
  • Thomson’s Gazelle.
  • Springbok.
  • Bushbuck.
  • Reedbuck.
  • Waterbuck.
  • Steenbok.
  • Oribi.

What is an African gazelle called?


Genus Common and binomial names Range
Eudorcas Red-fronted gazelle E. rufifrons The Sahel region of central Africa
Red gazelle E. rufina Mountain areas of North Africa
Thomson’s gazelle E. thomsonii East Africa
Nanger Dama gazelle N. dama Sahara desert and the Sahel

What is a female dik-dik called?

Dik-diks are named for the alarm calls of the females….

Tribe: Neotragini
Genus: Madoqua (Ogilby, 1837)
Madoqua guentheri Madoqua kirkii Madoqua piacentinii Madoqua saltiana

What is a small African antelope called?

ORIBI. A small African antelope, Ourebia ourebi, of grasslands and bush south of the Sahara, with fawn-coloured coat and, in the male, ridged spikelike horns. Oribi (Ourebia ourebi) are graceful slender-legged, long-necked small antelope found in grassland almost throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

What is a small antelope called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SMALL ANTELOPE [gazelle]

What’s another name for African antelope?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for antelope, like: eland, impala, oribi, reedbuck, deer, springbok, dik-dik, gazelle, bushbuck, gnu and goa.

What is a female gazelle called?

A female gazelle is called a cow.

What animal is a Giselle?

Gazelles are thin, graceful antelopes that live in Africa and Asia. They resemble deer and are in the same family as goats, cattle and sheep. Gazelles can be identified by their curved, ringed horns, tan or reddish-brown coats and white rumps. Often, there are spots or stripes on their coats.