What is deer antler velvet spray good for?

Made from male deer antlers during the stage when the antlers are covered in soft fuzz, the unproven performance enhancer is often used by athletes who believe it helps heal cartilage and tendon injuries more quickly and boosts strength and endurance.

Does deer antler velvet make you stronger?

Deer antler velvet helped increase the strength and muscle mass of Russian athletes, and speed their recovery time from exercise. The increases in strength helped the Russian athletes shatter new strength records at the Olympics and crush their American competitors.

How long does it take for deer antler velvet to work?

Not taking it long enough: Sometimes, depending on your goal, you need to take deer antler velvet for a long enough period to notice its progress. Full results are typically experienced within 30 – 90 days. Make sure you are patient before you give up taking it.

Does antler velvet spray work?

The truth? While research is limited, there’s nothing to suggest that deer antler velvet (or deer antler spray in the supplement form) actually does what it claims.

What are the side effects of deer antler spray?

Currently, there are no known adverse side effects of taking deer antler velvet supplements….Potential side effects and concerns

  • headaches.
  • joint pain.
  • edema, or swelling.
  • low blood sugar levels.

Does IGF-1 Spray work?

“It goes to the same kinds of receptors and turns them on.” However, as SI reports, the spray may not even be effective in humans. Dr. Roberto Salvatori, who studies growth hormone at Johns Hopkins University, told the Baltimore Sun that there’s no evidence of a successful way to deliver IGF-1 in pill or spray form.

What is IGF-1 deer antler velvet extract good for?

Some common uses for IGF-1 Deer Antler Velvet Extract Supplement: Anti-Aging: Providing the raw material needed to repair damage to the DNA and initiates cell division. IGF-1 may be a central regulator for increasing mammalian lifespan. Increasing muscles, strength, athletic performance and recovery.

How does deer antler velvet spray work?

The spray works faster and lasts longer than if it were in pill or powder form. Deer antler velvet contains IGF-1, which stands for insulin-like growth factor, a human growth hormone substance naturally produced by the body.

What is the best antler velvet product?

Nutronics Labs Maximum is one of the most effective Antler Velvet products on the market. With our 100,000 Nanograms of IGF-1, IGF-2 & other growth factors from the World’s Purest Deer Antler Velvet, Maximum can help anyone train harder, build lean muscle or speed their recovery time.

What is the best antler spray for deer?

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