What is Mavado biggest song?

The Top 9 Mavado Songs

  • Me Alright. Dancehall Promo. 172K subscribers.
  • Father God. mavadoVEVO. 166K subscribers.
  • Dancehall Prophecy. mavadoVEVO. 166K subscribers.
  • True. Akam Entertainment. 1.35M subscribers.
  • Progress. mavadoVEVO. 166K subscribers.
  • Mama. mavadoVEVO.
  • Settle Down. Krish Genius Music.
  • Hope and Pray. Mavado – Topic.

What is Mavado real name?

David Constantine BrooksMavado / Full name

Where is Movado now?

He is currently out on bail. Mavado’s attorney, Tamika Harris, recently revealed that the singer wants to return to Jamaica but wants to avoid a media spectacle whenever he is doing so. Vado also expressed his son’s innocence and vowed to fight for his freedom down to the end.

How much money does Movado have?

Mavado net worth and career earnings: Mavado is a Jamaican singer who has a net worth of $4 million dollars….Mavado Net Worth.

Net Worth: $4 Million
Profession: Singer, Barber, Disc jockey, Musician, Actor, Record producer
Nationality: Jamaica

How many records has Vybz Kartel sold?

Vybz Kartel’s album, Born Fi Dis, sold 1290 album-equivalent units, and Spice’s 10 sold 1,447 album-equivalent units. Alkaline’s associates quickly noticed that both albums combined sold less in their first week than his sophomore project.

What part of Jamaica is Mavado from?

Artist Biography A reggae singer influenced by the likes of Bounty Killer and Cutty Ranks, David Constantine Brooks, aka Mavado, was born and raised in one of Kingston, Jamaica’s more dangerous ghettos, Cassava Piece.

How old is Adidja Palmer?

46 years (January 7, 1976)Vybz Kartel / Age

Is mavado an American citizen?

David Adedeji Adeleke (born November 21, 1992), popularly known as Davido, is an American-born Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Davido blends traditional African elements with global mainstream pop….

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