What is period of instruction?

Period of instruction means the period during which class instruction and examinations take place subject to interruptions for holidays, study weeks, etc.

What are the 4 steps in an instruction cycle?

There are typically four stages of an instruction cycle that the CPU carries out:

  1. Fetch the instruction from memory.
  2. Decode the instruction.
  3. Read the effective address from memory if the instruction has an indirect address.
  4. Execute the instruction.

What is 32 bit instruction set?

A program written in machine language is a series of 32-bit numbers representing the instructions. Like other binary numbers, these instructions can be stored in memory. This is called the stored program concept, and it is a key reason why computers are so powerful.

What is decode in instruction cycle?

All computer software is built up of sets of instructions. Instructions are encoded in binary. The fetch-decode-execute cycle is the sequence of steps that the CPU follows to process instructions.

What is instruction cycle sequence?

The instruction cycle consist of sequence of four steps. These four CPU operations includes Fetch , Decode , Execute and Store.

What are the types of instruction format?


  • Zero Address Instruction Format. There is no address field. Stack is used.
  • One Address Instruction Format. This instruction format uses only one address field.
  • Two Address Instruction Format. It uses two address fields.
  • Three Address Instruction Format.

How many types of instruction formats are there?

Computer Organization | Instruction Formats (Zero, One, Two and Three Address Instruction) A computer performs a task based on the instruction provided. Instruction in computers comprises groups called fields.