What is Pintaflores?

Pintaflores is a combination of two events in San Carlos City: the Nabingkalan Tattoo Festival (pinta, from the term pintados or “tattooed”) and the Dances of Flowers (flores). The fiesta honors San Carlos (St.

Why is Pintaflores celebrated?

The storyline behind Pintaflores revolves around the adversity and victory of a princess who took the challenge to go to unexplored lands. Legend has it that Princess Nabingka who hailed from Cebu City, chose to take the journey from the city to a close island alongside members of her royal fraternity.

Who is Nabingka?

Princess Nabingka ruled the barrio (Nabingkalan) during the early part of the 17th century. There was a time that the princess got sick and wanted to get her strength back. She sought the advise of a local babaylan or a folk healer and he advised her to tell her people to plant flowers at their garden.

What festival is celebrated in the city of San Carlos?

Pintaflores festival
Pintaflores festival is an annual event that is held in the beautiful city of San Carlos, in Negros Occidental. The festival is marked every 5th of November. The festival’s name is unique, one that piques the interest of many a traveler.

How is Pintaflores celebrated?

Nowadays, the Pintaflores Festival is one of the most popular street dancing festivals in the region. Held every November 3 – 5, it’s a blend of dances with various functions: from simple rhythmic dances to battles between good and evil.

What is the famous festival in Cebu?

Sinulog The Sinulog Festival
The Sinulog Festival is Cebu’s biggest and most popular festival. The feast is in honor of the Holy Child, the Sto.

What is Bailes de Luces?

Bailes de Luces, or “Dances of Light”, is also the official festival of the municipality held during the Christmas season and culminates every January 5, coinciding with the town’s Charter Day. During the street dance competition, the performers use LED lights as their main props.

What is Mango Bamboo festival?

Mango-Bamboo Festival is a yearly week-long festival every April 20-27 in San Carlos City, Pangasinan. It is made to advance the real exchange of the town which is bamboo furniture and items, and the best “carabao” mangoes you’ve ever tasted.

What is Sinadya sa Halaran festival?

The Sinadya sa Halaran Festival is the joint celebration of the City of Roxas and the Province of Capiz. It is a blended celebration in that it is commended for both social and religious reasons.