What is power of Jmfc court?

Judicial magistrate First Class Appointment establishment and powers of JMFC. JMFC is at the very initial stage of the hierarchy. Applications of offences which are not of a very grievous nature goes to JMFC. Cases like check bounce under NI and other lesser degree offence are taken by the same.

How can I check my court case status in Nagpur?

Log on to LawStar. Select Nagpur as your city and the court in which your case is going on (for eg. – High Court or District Court). After filling the details click on “find cases” and you will be redirected to a page where you will have to fill in your “case type”, “case number” and “year of filing”.

What is the full form of Jmfc?

Courts of Judicial Magistrate of First Class.

Who is the judge in Nagpur?

Shri S. D. Mohod, Principal District & Sessions Judge, Nagpur 712 2532035
SHRI A.C.BACHHAO, District Judge-1 & ASJ,Nagpur 712 —-
SHRI G.J.AKARTE, District Judge-2 & ASJ, Nagpur 712 2552329
SMT. P.V. GANEDIWALA, District Judge-3 & ASJ, Nagpur 712 2541886

What is a non bailable offence?

Non-bailable offences are serious offences where bail is a privilege and only the courts can grant it. On being arrested and taken into custody for a serious or non-bailable crime, a person cannot ask to be released on bail as a matter of right.

Who is more powerful judge or Magistrate?

A Judge is a judicial officer who administers court proceedings and gives the judgment on the legal cases after analyzing the facts and evidence related to the case. A magistrate has less power than a Judge. A judge has more power than a magistrate. A magistrate may not have a law degree.

How many courts are there in Maharashtra?

District & Sessions Courts : There are 29 District & Sessions Courts in the state of Maharashtra .

What punishment can a judicial magistrate first class give?

(1) The Court of a Chief Judicial Magistrate may pass any sentence authorised by law except a sentence of death or of imprisonment for life or of imprisonment for a term exceeding seven years.

How many judges are there in Nagpur High Court?

Principal seat and benches

Bench Judge Strength
Bombay(Principal) 35
Aurangabad 18
Nagpur 17
Panaji 04

How many judges are there in Supreme Court of India?

The Supreme Court of India comprises the Chief Justice and 30 other Judges appointed by the President of India.