What is S1 S2 S3 S4 Navy?

Battalion Command Sergeant Major. S1 (Personnel Officer) S2 (Intelligence Officer) S3 (Training Officer) S4 (Logistics Officer)

What does S1 c mean in the Navy?

Seaman 1st Class
Prior to becoming a petty officer, many sailors were either a Seaman 1st Class (S1c) or Seaman 2nd Class (S2c). A new sailor, fresh from boot camp, first reported aboard ship as a Seaman 2nd Class. These new recruits would be assigned to the Deck Division as they became familiar with life aboard ship.

What rank is a seaman 1st class?

E-3 Seaman – U.S. Navy Ranks. Abbr. Seaman, previously known as Seaman First Class, is the third rank in the United States Seaman Apprentice and below Petty Officer Third Class. Several title and rank variations exist for sailors working in different specialties, though all share the same pay and rank grade.

What is the ranks in the Navy from lowest to highest?

Navy Ranks – Enlisted and Officer, from Lowest to Highest

Pay Grade Rank Abbreviation
O-1 Ensign ENS
O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade LTJG
O-3 Lieutenant LT
O-4 Lieutenant Commander LCDR

What does S1 USNR mean?

Standby Reserve Active
Standby Reserve Active (USNR-S1). They are in an active status and are eligible to participate in a Navy Reserve program without pay for retirement point credit only. They may not receive pay, allowances, or travel allowances for any duty performed.

What does a S1 do in the Navy?

The fireman participates in ship-to-ship supply and fuel operations, called “underway replenishment.” The seaman is learning the trade of the boatswain, handling lines, tying the ship up and learning to navigate and “drive” the ship. All strikers, regardless of the specialty, clean.

What do you call a navy sailor?

A sailor, seaman, mariner, or seafarer is a person who works aboard a watercraft as part of its crew, and may work in any one of a number of different fields that are related to the operation and maintenance of a ship.

Is everyone in the Navy a seaman?

Those in the general deck, technical, weapons and administrative groups (with the exception of the aviation administration men) are called “seamen” and they represent the largest group of Navy and Coast Guard personnel in pay grades E-3 and below.

What are the ranks of the United States Navy?

Warrant officer ranks

  • Rank categories. W-1 for warrant officer one. Warrant officers appointed to this grade are normally done via a warrant from the Secretary of the Navy.
  • Officer designator devices. The Navy uses the term designator,instead of the term,military occupational specialty (MOS),to determine an officer’s job specialty.
  • What is list of Navy ranks in order?

    Enlisted Sailors. Enlisted sailors are separated into three categories: Apprenticeships (E-1 through E-3),non-commissioned Petty Officers (E-4 through E-6),and senior non-commissioned Chief Petty Officers (E-7 through E-9).

  • Warrant Officers.
  • Commissioned Officers (CO) Ensign is the first commissioned officer rank.
  • What are the US Navy enlisted ranks?

    Enlisted Navy ranks (rates) are broken down into three levels: Apprenticeships (E-1 through E-3), petty officers (E-4 through E-6), and chief petty officers (E-7 through E-9). Warrant Officers. The Navy has a long tradition of appointing experienced enlisted service members as warrant officers.

    What rank is E – 6 in the Navy?

    In the Navy, a rate of E-6 depends on the person’s job. A person with the rating of Sonar Technician (SG) in the Navy, in the pay grade of E-6, would be a Sonar Technician First Class Petty Officer, or SG1. An E-5 with the rating of Mess Specialist (MS) would have the rate of Mess Specialist Second Class Petty Officer, or MS2.