What is test Gym in CL?

Test Gym provides an in-depth analysis with graphical representation of your score with that of the topper and the average marks of test takers. It also includes an option to re-attempt the questions and a complete drill down analysis which highlights your performance in each topic.

Are CL mocks good for cat?

CL or Career Launcher is considered the closest to the actual CAT, but they have a reputation of making unstructured Verbal And RC questions, with stupid solutions. TIME Mocks are considered too tough for CAT level, but as we have seen in CAT 2013, CAT 2003-retest and numerous times, there is no “level” for CAT.

Which time test series is best for CAT?

Which is the Best Test Series for CAT

Institute Mocks Mentorship Calls and Live Analysis
TIME 74 No
IMS 40 No
Career Anna 18 Yes
Test Funda 24 No

Are CL mocks tougher than CAT?

“Mocks are tougher than actual CAT exams” – you might have heard people saying this all the time, the same old story and now you might feel it is worn out and hackneyed. But NO! This actually is tried and true.

Are CL mocks good Quora?

So i would say CL mocks are decent for those preparing to write CAT. The mocks were much higher level than CAT, but as pointed out by the faculty members they are just to give you as much exposer as possible and get you prepared for any scenario.

How many mocks are sufficient for CAT?

15-20 CAT
Experts suggest candidates take more than 20-hour full-length CAT 2021 mock tests and at least 100-150 sectional tests. There is no maximum number of how many CAT mocks you should take but at least 15-20 CAT exam mocks are recommended for the basic CAT exam preparation.

Are IMS mocks tougher than CAT?

The level of difficulty of TIME mocks is too high compared to an actual cat, and IMS is somewhat closest to the actual cat if you are to choose one then I would suggest go with the IMS mock.

Is 90 percentile hard for CAT?

A: 90 percentile is not difficult to score in CAT. A large number of students start scoring 90 percentile in mock tests by the time CAT exam nears. However, the journey from 90 to 99 percentile is tough.

How is CL for CAT Quora?

CL is one of the finest institutes for CAT/IIFT/NMAT/SNAP/XAT PREP in India having multiple branches at various locations. With a much concerned,resourceful and highly knowledgeable faculty,I found the environment at CL Dehradun amicable. The classroom course is comprehensive and penetrative.