What is the flapper headpiece called?

Notorious for rhinestone beaded headbands, skullcaps and feather hair clips, the 1920s woman knew how to dress up her short flapper hairdo. While cloche hats were worn during the day, headbands — called Bandeaus — were seen in the evenings with the most formal dresses until 1925.

What do you call headbands that go across your forehead?

Headbands, or sweatbands, are worn around the forehead during physical activity to absorb sweat and keep it from reaching the eyes. Sweatbands are often made of a continuous loop of terrycloth, as it is a particularly absorbent fabric.

What kind of earrings did flappers wear?

Pearl earrings were a popular choice of earrings in the Roaring twenties. Inspired by the Art Deco, beautifully fashioned pearl earrings became widespread and have remained popular ever since. Long, pendulous earrings were also popular in the 1920s.

Did flapper girls wear garters?

Band garters became popular in addition to suspender garters, and young women and dancing ‘flappers’ scandalised their elders by rolling down their stocking tops so that they could be seen just above the knee.” Scanned from “Decades of Fashion” by Harriet Worsley.

What necklaces did flappers wear?

Flappers frequently wore Art Deco-inspired brooches on their fur collars and cloche hats, as well as long continuous strands of pearls or round beads, gem-studded bracelets and lariat necklaces with tasseled ends. Wide bracelets, both cuff and memory wire styles, were popular.

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