What is the most powerful unit in Stick War legacy?

Giant, boss or mega giant is a Giant of gargantuan proportions in Stick War: Legacy that originated from the depths of No Man’s Land.

How do you get more upgrades in Stick Wars?

Stick War: Legacy In Endless Deads, you obtain 2 points for 1 wave of dead you survived. In the Crown of Inamorta, you get 15 upgrades for matches like Classic, Gold Rush and Barricades and 25 in Deathmatch and Super Deathmatch. In Weekly Missions you have various upgrade points depending on the mission.

How do you beat Magikill in stick war?

Magikill often excel at close combat, so it is recommended to counter them with Archidons. Magikill minions are very weak and can be one-shotted by a maxed-out, user controlled Swordwrath (It shares this disadvantage with the Swordwrath).

What should I upgrade first in Stick War legacy?

Gold Is Your First Priority When starting a mission in Stick Wars Legacy, you want to focus on having enough gold to train more units. That means creating more miners in order to bring back more gold to your coffers.

What are the cheats for Stick War?

Stick War: Legacy 10 Chests resource unlocker.

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  • Are there any money cheats for Stick War?

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    How do you enter the Cheat Codes in Mafia Wars?

    thxgiving – Redeem this code and get the reward (Added on November 22nd,2021,Credit; Anonymous in comments)

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  • How to key in cheat codes?

    – Z – Pressing Z while in Creative Mode will allow you to enter Flying Mode – K – Pressing K while in Creative Mode kills all enemies in the area. – B – Pressing B while in Creative Mode will allow you to repair any items without a Workbench, along with free placements of any items.