What is the Nashville Predator logo?

saber-toothed tiger
The Predators unveiled their logo, a saber-toothed tiger, in Nashville’s downtown First American Center on September 25, 1997, 26 years after a fang and foreleg bone of a saber-toothed tiger were found in a cave just below the building’s address.

Where did the Predators get their name?

The franchise held a vote with the fans to choose a team name. The three candidates that were chosen were: The Ice Tigers, Fury, and Attack. Another choice, Predators, was added to the vote. Predators won the vote, and the new franchise was named the Nashville Predators.

What are the 3 stars on Nashville Predators jersey?

In the shape of a guitar pick, it contains the three stars of Tennessee’s three grand divisions — West, Middle and East — as shown in the state flag. In addition to the new uniforms, the Predators adopted a new set of numbers with guitar strings running across each number.

What is the name of the Predators mascot?

GnashNashville Predators / Mascot

Why are the predators called smashville?

Nashville’s fanbase is said by many to be among the loudest in the National Hockey League, with sound levels reaching over 120 dB during the playoffs. This has contributed to the team also being called “Smashville”.

Who are the Nashville Predators rivals?

Fans don’t dictate a rivalry; the players on the ice do. Therefore, the Anaheim Ducks and the Winnipeg Jets are the clear-cut rivals for the Nashville Predators, due to how evenly the teams play when competing against one another and because of the mutual hatred between the players.

What are preds colors?

Navy Blue
Nashville Predators/Colors

What is the Nashville flag?

Flag of Nashville, Tennessee

Proportion 3:5
Adopted December 1963
Design A blue field with the right edge in yellow, separated by a thin white strip, with the Seal of Nashville in the center of the blue portion
Designed by Unnamed artists