What is the National Health Service Corps NHSC?

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) is a program of the Federal Health Resources and Services Administration’s Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Services, which is the focal point for providing primary health care to underserved and vulnerable populations.

What is the primary purpose of the National Health Service Corps?

Our Mission. The NHSC builds healthy communities by supporting qualified health care providers dedicated to working in areas of the United States with limited access to care.

How does the National Health Service Corps help geographic areas that are in need of health services?

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) builds healthy communities by awarding scholarships and loan repayment to students and qualified health care professionals dedicated to working in areas across the country that have limited access to health care.

Do Fqhc qualify for student loan forgiveness?

Offering student loan assistance to your FQHC doctor is a key benefit of their service to your organization. While there are many other benefits to working at an FQHC such as better work/life balance, it is loan forgiveness that consistently attracts new doctors to community healthcare.

Does the National health Service still exist?

The Labour government defeated Conservative amendments and went ahead with the NHS as it remains today; a single large national organisation (with devolved equivalents) which forced the transfer of ownership of hospitals from local authorities and charities to the new NHS.

How much does NHS cost?

How much does it cost? In 2020/21 the Department for Health and Social Care spent £192 billion. This money is used to fund a wide range of health and care services, including GP services, ambulance, mental health, community and hospital services, which are commissioned by the NHS, and public health.